In Baldur’s Gate 3, companions aren’t limited to just humans or other races. The game offers players the unique opportunity to recruit a loyal canine companion named Scratch. However, this isn’t a straightforward task. The journey to recruit Scratch requires careful navigation, understanding, and a touch of kindness.


Where To Find Scratch In Baldur’s Gate 3

Scratch can be found near the Blighted Village, specifically to the north of the bridge that connects the village to the Grove. For those familiar with the game’s geography, the Owlbear cave is situated just below this location. As you approach the village, veer right towards the woods. Here, you’ll encounter Scratch standing guard over a deceased individual in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Interacting With Scratch

Upon your first encounter with Scratch, it’s evident that he’s mourning and protective of his presumably deceased owner. The conversation can be tricky, and a wrong move might scare him away or turn him aggressive. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to handle the interaction:

  1. Initial Approach: Before anything else, it’s wise to save your game. This ensures that if things don’t go as planned, you can always reload and try again.
  2. Communication: If you have a Druid in your party with the “Speak to Animals” spell, the conversation becomes simpler. Without this ability, Scratch will warn you to stay away. At this point, you can either intimidate him or, if you have a Druid, assure him that you’re not a threat.
  3. Understanding Scratch: If you can communicate with him, you’ll learn that Scratch believes his owner is merely sleeping. It’s crucial to approach this topic gently. Being too direct or harsh can lead to Scratch becoming aggressive.
  4. Skill Checks: Several skill checks can be employed during this interaction:
    • Perception Check: This allows you to read the name on his collar.
    • Intimidation Check: Useful to make Scratch less aggressive.
    • Persuasion Check: Convince Scratch that you mean no harm.
    • Animal Handling Check: This skill can be particularly beneficial. By succeeding in this check, you can:
    • Take a closer look at Scratch without alarming him.
    • Gently indicate to him the unfortunate fate of his master.
    • Comfort him with a gentle petting session.
  1. Inviting Scratch to Camp: After establishing trust, you can offer Scratch your scent. This gesture allows him to recognize and trust you. Once done, assure him that he’s welcome at your camp. Scratch, being the loyal dog he is, will take up your offer and appear at your camp after a couple of nights.

Benefits Of Having Scratch At Your Camp

Scratch isn’t just a cute addition to your camp; he brings along several perks:

  1. Companionship: The primary benefit, of course, is the joy of having a loyal canine friend. You can interact with Scratch, pet him, and enjoy his company whenever you’re at camp.
  2. Playing Fetch: After some time, Scratch will present you with a ball. This isn’t just any ball; it’s an invitation to play. You can throw this ball for Scratch, and he’ll gleefully fetch it for you. However, getting the ball from him might require some skill checks, such as Strength, Sleight of Hand, or Animal Handling. Once retrieved, the ball goes straight back into your inventory, ready for another round of fetch.
  3. Treasure Hunter: Scratch has a keen sense for hidden items. Occasionally, you might spot him with a pouch in his mouth. This isn’t him being mischievous; it’s a gift for you. To retrieve it, you’ll need to engage in a playful tug-o-war, which requires a Strength check. These pouches can contain valuable items, so always keep an eye out for Scratch’s little treasures.