Layers of Fear 2023 is a haunting and atmospheric journey that combines the elements of the original game, its DLC, Layers of Fear 2, and new content to create a beautifully complex experience. Developed with the assistance of Anshar Studios, the game showcases stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, immersing players in a decaying world of surreal psychological horror. However, while the game’s visuals excel, the narrative can feel contrived and overwhelmed by its ambitious intricacies.


The game allows you to embody various characters, including The Painter, The Musician, The Actor, and The Writer, each grappling with their own impractical aspirations and personal struggles. Through divided chapters, you delve into their distressing pasts, piecing together their stories through notes and their own commentary. The game effectively utilizes found objects, scratched-out names in letters, and enigmatic voiceovers to convey the characters’ past successes in art and their relentless pursuit of greatness, unhampered by earthly obstacles.

In terms of gameplay, Layers of Fear 2023 focuses on exploration and discovery rather than traditional gameplay mechanics. The game’s unpredictable level and puzzle designs keep players on edge, as rooms shift and environments transform when you least expect it. Walking through the game’s ever-changing spaces, you constantly anticipate the unknown, whether it’s stumbling upon a chilling photograph or being trapped in a nightmarish loop. The game effectively utilizes disorienting elements to create a sense of unease, capturing the essence of true horror.

The introduction of a handheld light source in this iteration of Layers of Fear brings a new gameplay element. The light serves both practical and violent purposes, allowing players to reveal hidden objects and puzzle solutions while also defending against approaching enemies. While the gameplay mechanics remain relatively unchanged from previous titles, the addition of the light source introduces a new layer of interactivity and tension.


However, where Layers of Fear 2023 falters is in its narrative. The game’s exploration of the psychology behind great art feels insufferable at times, relying heavily on metaphorical interpretations and references to renowned works such as The Picture of Dorian Gray and Faust. The portrayal of art as an uncontrollable and dangerous force, often at the cost of personal relationships, feels overly simplistic and damaging. Blaming a supernatural entity, like the Rat Queen, for the characters’ struggles diminishes the complexity of the human condition and the responsibility of individual choices.

Despite these narrative missteps, the game’s transformation into a compact nightmare with white rats showcases Bloober Team’s strengths and commitment to crafting a visually stunning experience. The revamped graphics enhance the game’s shapeshifting environments, instilling a constant sense of dread and uncertainty. Layers of Fear 2023 successfully captures the essence of horror by immersing players in a disorienting and eerie world.

The collection’s visual fidelity and sound design are commendable, with every detail meticulously crafted to enhance the horror experience. The atmospheric audio, encompassing ambient sounds, haunting whispers, and well-executed jump scares, effectively contributes to the overall sense of unease. However, the voice acting in the new content falls short, creating a jarring contrast with the rest of the game.

In addition to the main games and DLC, the inclusion of a chapter mode allows players to revisit specific sections or explore alternative paths without compromising their main save. This mode adds replay value and encourages further exploration, with multiple branching stories and endings to discover.


Layers of Fear 2023 is an impressive reimagining of the series, successfully bringing together the entire collection into one cohesive experience. Despite narrative shortcomings and minimal gameplay evolution, the game captivates with its exceptional visuals, transformative environments, and atmospheric sound design.

The horror genre is known for its ability to evoke fear, suspense, and unease in audiences, and Layers of Fear 2023 captures the essence of this genre through its haunting atmosphere and psychological terror. The game effectively utilizes a combination of visual, audio, and narrative elements to immerse players in a world filled with unsettling imagery, distorted realities, and a constant sense of impending dread.

One of the game’s strengths lies in its exceptional visuals. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Layers of Fear 2023 showcases stunning graphics that bring the decaying world to life. The meticulously crafted environments, filled with intricate details and atmospheric lighting, contribute to the overall sense of unease and create a sense of immersion. From dilapidated mansions to eerie art galleries, each location is designed to evoke a specific mood and intensify the horror experience.

Furthermore, the transformative nature of the game’s environments adds an extra layer of tension. As you navigate through the game, rooms shift, corridors twist, and spaces morph, creating a disorienting and unpredictable atmosphere. This constant sense of uncertainty keeps players on edge, never allowing them to feel completely comfortable or familiar with their surroundings. It’s an effective technique that plays on the fear of the unknown and heightens the overall horror experience.


The audio design in Layers of Fear 2023 is also praiseworthy. The game employs a combination of ambient sounds, haunting whispers, and well-executed jump scares to create an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. The use of sound is strategic, enhancing the visual cues and contributing to the overall sense of dread. The well-crafted audio design effectively immerses players in the game’s psychological terror, making them constantly aware of lurking threats and building tension throughout their journey.

While Layers of Fear 2023 excels in its visual and audio presentation, it does encounter some narrative shortcomings. The game explores the psychology behind great art and the sacrifices artists make to achieve greatness. However, the narrative can feel contrived at times, relying heavily on metaphorical interpretations and references to well-known works. This approach may alienate some players who prefer a more grounded and coherent storyline.

Moreover, the portrayal of art as a dangerous force that jeopardizes personal relationships and the reliance on supernatural entities, like the Rat Queen, to explain the characters’ struggles, oversimplifies the complexity of human emotions and choices. It would have been more compelling to delve deeper into the psychological aspects of the characters’ motivations and explore the moral dilemmas they face in their pursuit of artistic success.

Despite these narrative missteps, Layers of Fear 2023 remains a captivating horror experience. It successfully creates a sense of disorientation and fear through its transformative environments, exceptional visuals, and atmospheric sound design. The game keeps players on edge, always anticipating the next unsettling encounter or twisted revelation. It is a testament to the power of the horror genre to evoke intense emotions and provide an immersive and chilling gaming experience.

Layers of Fear

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Layers of Fear 2023 is a visually stunning and atmospheric psychological horror game that combines elements from the original game, its DLC, and Layers of Fear 2 to create a beautifully complex experience. Developed in collaboration with Anshar Studios, the game features breathtaking visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, immersing players in a decaying world of surreal psychological terror. While the game’s visuals excel, the narrative can sometimes feel contrived and overwhelmed by its ambitious intricacies. Players embody various characters, each grappling with their own aspirations and personal struggles, as they delve into their distressing pasts through divided chapters. The game focuses on exploration and discovery, with unpredictable level designs and puzzles that constantly keep players on edge.