Frictional Games, the masterminds behind the renowned Amnesia series, have returned with a bold and intriguing twist in their latest installment. Amnesia: The Bunker takes players on a chilling expedition through a World War I bunker, seamlessly blending survival horror with immersive simulation elements. This departure from the franchise’s traditional formula raises the fundamental question: does it truly enhance the overall experience? Brace yourself for a descent into the depths of terror as we embark on an exploration of the haunting realm within Amnesia: The Bunker.


Amnesia: The Bunker weaves a familiar narrative thread, casting players as Henri Clement, a French soldier who stumbles upon a malevolent place overflowing with cosmic evil. The bunker, constructed atop an ominous site, swiftly transforms into a suffocating prison for Henri after an explosion seals its entrance. As expected in the Amnesia series, Henri’s memories are foggy, yet he soon grasps the profound darkness lurking within these suffocating walls. A malevolent force prowls the bunker’s corridors, and if Henri desires to escape this nightmarish abyss, he must rely on his wits and meager resources to unlock the entrance and flee from this dank inferno.

Where Amnesia: The Bunker diverges from its predecessors is in its approach to gameplay. This latest installment ingeniously merges survival horror and immersive simulation elements, crafting a unique fusion of tension, monstrous adversaries, and an unrelenting need for light. The bunker itself is divided into various sections, encompassing a prison, sleeping quarters, an infirmary, and a crucial arsenal.

Surviving within this twisted subterranean realm proves far from a straightforward endeavor. The bunker’s power supply depends on a generator, unfortunately requiring a scarce fuel source. Furthermore, the power distribution system interconnects various sections, demanding a specific order of activating the lights. The central hub area serves as a relatively secure haven, with lockable doors, a storage chest, a facility map, and, most importantly, the indispensable generator. Accessing each section of the bunker necessitates manual unlocking using the appropriate tools.


Scattered throughout the bunker are letters and notes that contain vital clues for escaping this grim predicament. Frictional Games has always excelled at storytelling through environmental elements, and in Amnesia: The Bunker, they have taken it to a new level. The allure of meticulously scouring the premises for every fragment of information is compelling, drawing players ever deeper into the self-contained narrative of this subterranean fortress.

As tradition dictates, players possess a light source to stave off the encroaching darkness. Henri’s pocket lamp provides an infinite amount of light but demands frequent recharging through noisy ripcord pulls. Ideally, maintaining the main lights becomes crucial, but the limited fuel for the generator necessitates meticulous planning for each venture outside the safety of the central room. Amnesia: The Bunker embraces elements reminiscent of roguelite games, appreciating the knowledge and tools gained through failed attempts. Frictional Games encourages failure in this installment, showcasing an evolution in the series’ treatment of death.

The light source is not the sole tool at your disposal. Amnesia: The Bunker introduces a revolver into your arsenal, seamlessly integrated into the gameplay mechanics without detracting from the overall experience. Ammunition is scarce and serves primarily as a tool for puzzle-solving rather than a means of offense. The game’s impressive design allows for versatile problem-solving, exemplified by the ingenious use of a single bullet.

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Manipulating items within the bunker to temporarily block holes and doors adds an additional layer of strategic thinking. When confronted with a locked door, players can search for hidden routes or resort to a more explosive solution. Dragging a barrel of gunpowder to the door, stepping back, and firing a round into it can obliterate the obstruction, reducing the need for stealthy maneuvering in the encompassing darkness. However, such actions come with consequences, as the resulting noise attracts the attention of the relentless monster lurking within the shadows.


Similar to the tension found in Alien: Isolation, the monster in Amnesia: The Bunker is an ever-present menace, less likely to cross your path if you remain silent. A fatal encounter is inevitable if it catches you, leaving you with no recourse but to momentarily halt its pursuit, flee, and seek refuge in a hiding spot. While the revolver can temporarily fend off the creature, the risk rarely justifies the reward unless all other alternatives are exhausted. The most effective strategy involves intimately knowing every nook, cranny, and trap within the bunker, and utilizing this knowledge to outmaneuver the relentless beast.

Sound becomes both your adversary and a potential weapon to divert the creature’s attention. However, relying solely on light as a foolproof defense proves inadequate once the monster sets its sights on you. Maintaining backup plans becomes imperative in dire situations.

If there is one critique to be levied against Amnesia: The Bunker, it pertains to the unpredictability of the monster’s behavior. While a certain degree of variability adds to the natural suspense, there are instances where the creature’s actions feel inconsistent. Perhaps this is a deliberate choice, designed to instill an extra layer of uncertainty, but it can prove challenging to ascertain.

The departure from the series’ traditional style in Amnesia: The Bunker breathes new life into the franchise, offering a fresh experience that will captivate both loyal fans and newcomers alike. The introduction of immersive simulation elements enriches the gameplay depth, bringing the series closer to its immersive potential. Frictional Games has masterfully crafted a dark and twisted world that will linger in your thoughts long after you have escaped the clutches of the bunker.


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The bunker’s intricate design, clever puzzle-solving mechanics, and environmental storytelling elevate the immersive experience. However, the unpredictability of the monster’s behavior proves to be a minor drawback. Nevertheless, Amnesia: The Bunker revitalizes the franchise, offering a fresh and haunting experience that will leave a lasting impression on both longtime fans and newcomers alike.