2023 Hair Transplant Prices In Turkey

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair to the bald areas of the patients. This can also be explained as follows; It involves adding the grafts taken from the hairy part of the person’s head to the balding part.

Hair Transplant Methods

Of course, hair transplant treatments have evolved since they first became widespread. This has led to diversity in hair transplant treatment. You can also examine the 3 most commonly known methods from the following headings;

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant treatments are the most preferred method. The hair taken as grafts from the hairy area of ​​the patients can be transplanted to the bald area without a trace. In this method, a device resembling a cannula is used and the hair follicles of the patients are collected as grafts.

FUT Hair Transplant

Fut hair transplant treatments are a procedure that leaves scars on the scalp of patients. Therefore, it is less preferred. To explain though, a large piece of skin is removed from the back of the head and the scalp is sutured. The hair on this skin piece taken is separated into the graft and the transplantation process is performed.

DHI Hair Transplant

In DHI hair transplantation, the grafts are divided into numbers. This is for separating hair with 1, 2 and 3 strands. After the separation is made according to the number of hair strands in each graft and the required number of grafts is reached, the transplantation process is started. It is a painless and scarless procedure.

2023 Hair Transplant Prices In Turkey

Why is Hair Transplantation Popular in Turkey?

The most important factor in the popularity of hair transplant treatments in Turkey is price and quality. Hair transplantation treatments are extremely important procedures and it is important to get them in a good clinic at affordable costs. In this case, of course, Turkey is in the first place.

Hair Transplant Statistics in Turkey

Worldwide Hair Transplantation3,4 million
Average Cost in Turkey1.800€
Average Cost in America12.400€
Ortalama Maliyet İngiltere9.250€
Hair Transplantation in Turkey1,05 milyon (2021)
The most common methodFUE (%66)
Average Age of Hair Transplantation37
Willingness to travel for Hair Transplant45,81%

Is Turkey the Best Choice for Hair Transplantation?

Of course the answer to this will be a bit long! Turkey is a leading country in the field of health tourism. Therefore, patients know that Turkey is the best choice But why? Turkey has been the first choice of foreign patients for hair transplant treatments for years. In hair transplant treatments, patients want hygienic hair clinics, experienced doctors and affordable prices. This is a criterion that you can easily find in Turkey. You can also call us for successful hair transplant treatments including accommodation and VIP transportation.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Prices

Turkey Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant treatments in Turkey have very high prices around the world. For this reason, Turkey is more suitable than many countries if the cost of hair transplant treatments is evaluated. You can also get cost-effective hair transplant treatments by contacting us and benefit from our package services. Our package services include 5-star hotel accommodation, VIP transportation services and hair care kits. Our All Inclusive Prices are 1.900€ on average.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Prices

Istanbul hair transplant treatments are preferred quite often. The average cost of hair transplant treatments is around 2,100 €. Although this price is highly variable in Istanbul, you will incur extra costs if you do not make a good choice. Therefore, if you are planning to receive hair transplant treatment in Istanbul, you may consider taking advantage of our package hair transplant treatments.

Antalya Hair Transplant Prices

Antalya hair transplant treatments are preferred as often as Istanbul hair transplant treatments. Although prices are close to each other on average, there may be slightly higher costs. The average cost of hair transplant treatments in Antalya is around €2,300. Although these prices are not clear, they consist of All Inclusive package prices.

Advantageous Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

Although Turkey is the number one country in hair transplant treatments, there are of course some issues to be considered. You can send us a message to get a successful result in hair transplant treatments in Turkey and to get treatment at affordable costs.

Because although hair transplant treatments in Turkey are successful, there will be risks if the patients do not choose a good clinic. You can also get a cost-effective and reliable treatment by getting treatment with an intermediary company.

Antalya Hair Transplant Prices

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