Best Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatments are prosthetic teeth that can be used like natural teeth. Compared to other dental treatments, it is a much more permanent treatment. It includes the placement of screws that act as tooth roots into the mouth and the prostheses placed on it. It is a highly preferred treatment. Suitable for patients with missing teeth. If you are considering dental implant treatments for your missing teeth, you can contact us.

What Does A Dental Implant Treat?

Dental implants are used in the treatment of missing teeth. Although not the only option for a completely removed tooth, it is the most permanent option. It involves placing surgical screws in place of patients’ missing teeth. Are you also planning to receive dental implant treatment? Then you can get more detailed information by contacting us. You can also get more information about dental implants by continuing to read our content.

Who Is Suitable For Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatments are suitable for patients who have completely lost their tooth or teeth. In cases where it is not possible to save the tooth, doctors recommend. A screw is driven in place of the patient’s missing tooth. A dental prosthesis is placed on this screw. Thus, you will receive a permanent treatment for life.

Are Dental Implant Treatments Risky?

Dental implant treatments are very serious treatments. It is possible as standard with a surgery. For this reason, all effects on dental implant treatments should be avoided. And of course, like any treatment, dental implant treatments have risks. These risks often include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Risk of allergic reaction
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Are There Alternatives To Dental Implant Treatment?

Whether or not patients can receive a different treatment in dental implant treatments depends entirely on the condition of the teeth. Sometimes dental crowns are possible instead of dental implant treatment. However, this requires two solid teeth. If there is a missing tooth between two healthy teeth, it is possible to place a dental crown there. However, if there are gaps on the sides, unfortunately, dental implant treatments will be the only option.

How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take?

The duration of dental implant treatment will vary in Turkey. Although it is possible to receive dental implant treatment on the same day in some clinics, in some clinics it is necessary to wait for months. Things get a little messy here. More detailed information is available in the rest of our content about dental implant treatment on the same day in dental implant treatment.

The normal dental implant process will take mounths. It consists of 3 steps. First, the implants are placed. After the first visit, you must wait 3 months for the implants to heal. At the end of 3 months, a new doctor visit is required for the placement of your abutment and dental prostheses. During the 3-month waiting period, you will wear temporary prostheses.

Are Dental Implant Treatments Painful?

Dental implant treatments are a surgical treatment. In other words, it is a more serious treatment than many dental treatments. Therefore, it is perfectly natural to consider whether it will be painful or not.

When patients were asked to rate pain after dental implant surgery, most gave 4 out of 10. Therefore, it would not be correct to say that the treatment of the dental implant is painful. On the other hand, all your feelings about the treatment will disappear 48 hours after the operation. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Why Should Dental Implants Be Preferred?

There are many reasons to choose dental implant treatment. For example, it acts as a completely real tooth. The inserted screws act as the root of the tooth. The implanted prosthesis resembles a real tooth. It is also a permanent treatment and can be used for life. This allows patients to prefer dental implant treatments instead of dental crowns.

What Is Same Day Dental Implant?

On the same day, dental implants became very popular. Patients should plan months in advance for dental implant treatments and share this with the Turkish dental clinic. Thus, necessary preparations will be made so that the patient can receive dental implants on the same day. Same-day dental implants are often preferred for patients from a distant country.

It involves the patient receiving all dental implant treatments in one day without waiting for the healing process that takes months. Therefore, you need to stay in the dental clinic for a longer period of time compared to the traditional method. For more detailed information, you can contact us. You can also call us for detailed information about the same day dental implant treatment costs in Turkey.

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Same Day Implants in Turkey

Same day dental implant treatments are very popular in Turkey. Patients prefer this method when they do not want to come back to Turkey after months. This is possible if the dental clinic is also available. You can also contact us to have implant treatment in Turkey on the same day.

Why Dental Implants Are Cheap In Turkey?

Although there are many reasons why dental implant treatment is cheap in Turkey, the most important reason is the exchange rate. Since patients receive very costly treatments in their countries, they can get very cost-effective treatments thanks to the exchange rate in Turkey.

In Turkey, 1 € is equal to 18 Turkish liras. In this case, of course, patients prefer Turkish dental implant treatments. Another reason is competition. The competition between dental clinics in Turkey ensures that the prices are minimized. Thus, patients can get dental implant treatment in Turkey at the best price.

Dental Implant In Turkey Cheap Because Of Poor Quality

It is possible to see this headline in the news or blog posts of many foreign countries. It is emphasized that we provide low quality service due to prices. However, the situation is completely different. As mentioned above, patients can get affordable treatment thanks to the high exchange rate. If you want to get treatment by taking advantage of the high exchange rate, you can contact us. Contrary to titles, it will be quite easy for you to get very successful treatments.

Average Cost Of Dental Implant In Turkey

Dental implant treatment costs in Turkey are highly variable. The price change will vary depending on the implant brands, but will also vary between clinics. Therefore, patients should not accept treatment without doing a good research. In general, the average prices are as follows;

  • Implant Nucleoss (Domestic) (300€ – 400€)
  • Implant NTA (Swiss) (350€ – 550€)
  • Implant Hiossen – Osteem (400€ – 500€)
  • Implant Medentica (Straumann) (500€ – 750€)
  • Implant Astra Tech (Swedish) (550€ – 750€)
  • Implant Nobel (German) (650€ – 750€)
Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

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