Best Hair Transplant In Turkey- Cost and Success Rate

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a baldness treatment that is mostly preferred by men but also suitable for women. Hair has a structure that can be shed periodically or due to stress. Therefore, of course, treatment is essential. Hair transplantation treatments are the process of transferring hair grafts from the scalp to the area where there is no hair.

What are Hair Transplant Techniques?

Of course, many techniques have changed since hair transplantation first appeared. Among these techniques, 3 techniques that are still preferred today took their place;

  • DHI ; This technique allows hair follicles to be collected and transplanted into place with a pen-like device. In addition to being quite painless, it is a fast technique and is the most frequently preferred technique.
  • FUE; This technique continues by collecting hair grafts from patients and depositing them into a container. The accumulated hair is transplanted as the second stage and the treatment is completed.
  • FUT; This technique is the least preferred technique compared to the others. It involves removing a section of skin rather than collecting patients’ hair grafts. Hair grafts are then collected from the removed skin and thus transplanted to the balding part of the patient.

Who is Hair Transplantation a suitable treatment for?

Hair transplantation treatment is suitable for patients with sufficient grafts on the scalp. To explain this; The hair required for hair transplant treatment is taken from the patient’s scalp. Therefore, patients should have sufficient donor area. You can send us a message for detailed information and online consultation.

best hair transplant clinic in turkey

Why do people prefer Turkey for hair transplant treatment?

There is more than one reason why patients prefer Turkey for hair transplant treatments. These reasons may include:

  • Affordable hair transplant treatments
  • Turkey has the highest success rate in the world
  • Having the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey
  • Opportunity to have a unique holiday during hair transplant treatment

how to choose hair transplant clinic in turkey

If you are researching a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, the most important item is; You should stay away from ads. A good hair transplant clinic will not advertise. This indicates that it is a new clinic or providing costly hair transplant treatment.

We have carefully selected our hair transplant clinics and work with the clinics with the highest success rate. You can also get advice from us when choosing a hair transplant clinic. At the same time, you can learn the hair transplant technique that is suitable for you by getting a free online consultation.

best hair transplant clinic in turkey

Are you looking for the top hair transplant clinic in Turkey? This will be easier than you think. You can get treatment in the best hair transplant clinics by sending us a message. We have already selected the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul hair transplant clinics , Antalya hair transplant clinics and Izmir hair transplant clinics for you. All you have to do is send us a message.

hair transplant cost in turkey

Turkey hair transplant costs are often quite variable. Therefore, it would not be correct to give you a clear price. In addition, in the city of Istabul, which is frequently preferred for hair transplant treatments in Turkey, prices start from 1700 €. You can learn more about the costs of getting hair transplant treatment in Turkey by continuing to read our content.

Best Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

Best Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul hair transplant prices are variable. In this case, patients should take care to get cost-effective hair transplant treatment. Otherwise, you will be able to spend unnecessary extra money.

Because the cost of hair transplant treatments is cheap in Turkey and you don’t need to pay extra. The cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul is 1450 €. You can also send us a message for detailed information.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Package Prices

Istanbul Hair Transplant prices have a price difference between hospitals. Therefore, you will need to do a price research before making a clear decision for treatment. However, if we look at our starting prices, Istanbul FUE hair transplant price is 1600€. Istanbul DHI hair transplant price starts from 1900€.

Best Hair Transplant Prices in Antalya

Antalya hair transplant treatment prices are slightly higher than other cities. The reason for this is that it is frequently preferred for vacation in both summer and winter months. This, of course, ensures that patients who want to take a vacation during the treatment also prefer Antalya hair transplant treatments. Prices start at 1720€ on average. You can also send us a message for detailed information. So you can get an online consultation.

Antalya Hair Transplant Package Prices

Package prices in Antalya hair transplant treatments also vary according to the hair transplant technique. The technique preferred in hair transplant treatments also changes the price. The average of Antalya hair transplant package prices are as follows; Antalya FUE hair transplant prices are 1850€. Antalya DHI hair transplant prices are 2100€.

Antalya Hair Transplant Prices

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