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What Is A Dental Implant?

People who are missing teeth prefer dental implant procedures as a remedy. Dental implants are a prosthetic dental treatment that can be used very comfortably and has a root like genuine teeth. Most of the time, patients find it uncomfortable to use removable prosthetic teeth, therefore they frequently opt for dental implants instead, which are strong and simple to use. Patients receive dental implant procedures in order to achieve this.

In dental implant procedures, a surgical screw is inserted into the patient’s jawbone and a dental prosthesis is attached to this screw. However, given that they are just as effective as genuine teeth, their price is of course high. This enables patients to select various nations for their dental care. By continuing to read our content, you can have more information about dental implant prices in Turkey and dental implants in Antalya.

Are Dental Implants Treatments Risky?

Treatments for dental implants entail jawbone surgery. An implant is inserted after the jawbone is opened. The opened gingiva is then sealed. As a result, the patients watch as their bodies mend. Treatments involving dental implants may not have any dangers. Naturally, there is the possibility for harm when you are treated by unskilled dentists or in unclean settings.

The brand of dental implants your dentist employs and the artificial teeth are crucial because of this. Otherwise, dental prosthesis that clash with your tooth color and poorly fitted implants put you at danger for bleeding and infection. Both a painful healing procedure and long-term nerve damage may result from this.

Implant Treatment Stages

  1. Diagnostic stage. During this phase, our professional dentists examine the patient, ask questions concerning his or her state of health and preferences, make a dental panoramic X-ray, and formulate the diagnosis. An additional medical examination may be performed if necessary. Then doctors draw up a treatment plan, select the most suitable implant brand, and decide on the implantation system.
  2. Preparatory stage. At this point, our dentists conduct a thorough examination: they perform a CT, take lab tests, make sure there are no contraindications, and, if necessary, consult with allied specialists. During this phase, doctors also perform oral cavity sanitation, and, if necessary, treat the gum and mucous membrane diseases.
  3. Dental implant surgery. Implants get installed in the presence of local anesthesia, the whole procedure taking 1-2 hours. The implantation can be combined with tooth extraction (both procedures are performed on the same day).
  4. Impression pickup. Once the artificial roots are installed, they get covered by transition elements called abutments. Later on, such elements will be used to hold the implants.
  5. Implantation. Placing implants generally takes 1-1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the case). Implants get immediately loaded with a temporary acrylic denture that perfectly imitates the aesthetics of the natural teeth.
  6. Osseointegration. The implants should establish well in the bone, and this process takes 6 months on average.
  7. Installation of permanent dental implants. After the osseointegration is completed, the temporary acrylic denture gets replaced with a permanent ceramic or zirconium prosthesis. It is absolutely painless, serves for many years, features stunning aesthetics, and enables you to eat any food you wish.
Antalya Dental Implant Prices

Why Do People Get Dental Implants Treatments In Turkey?

Many nations throughout the world are able to receive treatment in Turkey due to the low cost of dental implant procedures there, high success rates for dental implants there, and guaranteed implant procedures. You can see how expensive dental implants are by comparing the costs charged by dental offices in the UK, Germany, and many other nations.

However, Turkish dental implant costs are very reasonable. The high exchange rate and low cost of living in Turkey have given overseas patients more spending power. Naturally, this guarantees that they undergo dental implant treatments at the most affordable costs.

Turkey Dental Implants Prices

Of course, dental implant costs vary from country to country, including Turkey. The number of dental implants a patient requires, whether there is adequate jawbone, the dentist’s level of expertise, and the dental clinic’s location are all variables that affect the dental implant procedures. Patients should write us a note for a clear price because of this. The desired dental implant brand is another element that affects the cost of dental implant procedures. You can also find out which dental implant manufacturer is recommended by your selected clinic. Prices will change based on these brands as well.

Antalya Dental Implants

One of Turkey’s top cities for dental implant procedures is Antalya. Turkey is a very prosperous nation when it comes to tourism for holidays. Antalya is the most popular destination for vacations. You should be aware that, aside from vacations, Antalya is a top choice for dental implant procedures. Since dental implant procedures are lengthy, most patients arrange their vacations in Antalya to coincide with their dental appointments. As a result, they will both enjoy their holiday and benefit from a highly effective dental implant procedure.

Antalya Dental Clinics

Dental clinic in Antalya are well-equipped and productive businesses. The majority of the patients at Antalya dental clinics are foreigners, hence nurses and every other member of staff speak English. Additionally, virtually every dental office in Antalya has a translation office. In order for patients who don’t know English to converse effectively, this is crucial. Because it is crucial for the patient-dentist relationship to continue to develop smoothly throughout dental implant procedures.

On the other hand, dental offices in Antalya are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to offer dental implant treatments. To learn more in-depth details on cutting-edge therapies, keep reading our articles.

Are Cheap Dental Implants Safe in Turkey?

Innovative Methods Of Dental Implantation In Antalya

Unfortunately, there are only two sorts of dental implant treatments: the conventional way and the cutting-edge method. Typically, the conventional approach necessitates three trips to the dentist. The first appointment is for a consultation and implant placement, the second is for the abutment placement, and the final appointment is for the dental prosthesis placement. However, because to modern technology, dental implant procedures can now be completed in a single day.

Antalya Why not have implantation that day? Patients who undergo dental implant treatments can spread out the care they would typically receive in a single day. In other words, the recuperation process is the reason patients wait so long between three appointments. However, certain clinics’ cutting-edge equipment allow patients to obtain care right away. For dental implant treatments in Antalya, you may also get in touch with us right away.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants In Antalya?

There are various solutions to this, but if you’re searching for quality and good value, obtaining a dental implant in Antalya is unquestionably a good choice. The reason is that Turkey has a relatively low cost of living, not because the prices are low, the quality is bad, or the dental standards are low. Because there would be less need for office space, supplies, fees, and electricity costs, you will benefit from the savings. Additionally, it goes without saying that the exchange rate’s high level is a factor in the increased purchasing power of international patients.

You need not be concerned that Turkish dentists lack the requisite training because they are highly qualified professionals. due to the fact that dental offices in Antalya treat a lot of foreign clientele. Dentists receive a lot of experience as a result. As a result, receiving a dental implant in Antalya will be an excellent and extremely successful procedure.

Dental clinics are also extremely up-to-date and well-equipped with the newest technologies, such as digital x-rays, 3D/CT scans, and CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacture).

Antalya Dental Implants Prices

You should be aware that dental implant costs might vary greatly. Prices will vary depending on your preferred implant brand, the number of implants you require, and the dentist’s level of experience. To acquire a precise quote, it is crucial to schedule a consultation. We may offer immediate price information with online consultation as Booking For Treatment. Simply give us your intraoral images to get started. As a result, dental implant procedures can be had for as little as € 199!

Antalya Dental Implants Package Prices

The Antalya dental implant package price will be a great deal for you if you’re thinking about getting dental implants there but don’t want to pay extra for travel, lodging, or other non-treatment costs. Contacting us will allow you to receive a quote, especially if you require several dental implants. As a result, you can take advantage of discounted rates and receive free lodging, VIP transportation, and breakfast.

Because even though Turkey offers the most affordable dental implant procedures, it will still cost you a bit extra to remain here while receiving treatment and to go from the clinic to the hotel. However, with Booking For Treatment , you can receive care without having to pay for it!

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