Does Gastric Balloon Treatment Work?

How is Gastric Balloon Inserted?

The patient is primarily put to sleep so that the gastric balloon can be placed in the stomach. Then, the patient’s stomach is reached through the thin long tube that extends from the patient’s mouth to his stomach. This long, slender tube has a camera at the end, allowing the doctor to see inside. When it comes to the desired area in the stomach, the balloon is inflated there. Thus, the process is completed. After the balloon is inflated, the hose is taken out and the balloon remains inside.

Will I feel pain during Gastric Balloon Treatment?

You will be asleep during gastric balloon treatment. Therefore, it is not possible for you to feel any pain. It is possible to experience some nausea and stomach pain upon waking. This will be reduced by the drugs given.

How long does gastric balloon last?

You will have 2 different options for gastric balloon treatment. 6 months or 12 months. Most of the time, 6 months is the most preferred. If you are planning to lose weight with 6-month gastric balloon treatment, you can send us a message. So you can get treatment at a very affordable cost. You should also know that you must stick to the diet throughout the treatment period. This will allow you to lose weight faster and easier.

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How should I feed after Gastric Balloon?

After gastric balloon treatment, patients should of course adhere to diet. This diet will be the program given by the dietitian. Otherwise, you should not be fed with diets you find on the internet. To give an example of your diet, it would be a prostein-based diet. Therefore, you should reduce your carbohydrate intake. You can send us a message to get information about diet details.

How much weight can I lose with Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon contains a balloon placed in your stomach. For this reason, your stomach volume will decrease and you will quickly reach a feeling of fullness with more portions. This, of course, allows you to lose a significant amount of weight. But how many kilos is it possible to lose with a gastric balloon? With the gastric balloon, patients can lose 40% or more of their body weight. This ratio varies between patients. For this reason, although we cannot give clear answers, this ratio will not be wrong on average.

Does Gastric Balloon Treatment guarantee weight loss?

There are many preferred treatments for weight loss. As with these treatments, gastric balloon does not guarantee weight loss. It is possible to get different results for each patient. For this reason, patients should be sure that they will stick to their diet while receiving gastric balloon treatment. Otherwise, taking the treatment alone will not make you lose weight. Treatment should be supported with diet and exercise. If you are planning to lose weight with gastric balloon treatment, you should take the treatment after you are sure that you will stick to the diet. Otherwise, taking the treatment will not make you lose weight.

How painful is a gastric balloon?

You will not feel pain during gastric balloon treatment. As mentioned above, it is possible for you to feel pain after the treatment. This will pass thanks to the drugs given. In short, no gastric balloon therapy is not a painful treatment. It can only make you nauseous for a while.

Is the gastric balloon worth it?

Losing weight is often very difficult. Every person who wants to lose weight has had one unsuccessful experience. That’s why they want to know if gastric balloon treatment is worth it. You should know that gastric balloon treatment significantly affects weight loss. In order to lose weight, it may include situations where you have to stop eating before you feel full.

This is one of the situations that makes it difficult to lose weight. Gastric balloon also comes into play at this very moment. With gastric balloon treatment, patients lose weight very easily because, no matter how small portions of the meals in the diet list are, you feel bloated and cannot eat thanks to the balloon in your stomach. This allows you to lose weight thanks to calorie restriction.

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What are the risks of gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon is not a surgery. It does not include any incisions. Therefore, the risks or complications are negligible. Instead, patients often experience nausea, stomach cramps and reflux.

These are also relieved by the drugs given to the patients. In short, patients can return home quite comfortably after the treatment. As long as they have a balloon in their stomach, this balloon does not bother them.

Can a gastric balloon burst?

During the gastric balloon treatment, it will be placed in your stomach and the inside of the balloon will be filled with salt water. Although it is quite difficult, sometimes there is a chance that the bubble will burst. In such a case, the patient does not feel the bubble burst and does not feel pain. He just feels hungrier than usual. This means the bubble has burst. Although rare, it is a risk. In such a case, he should go to the nearest health institution and say this. so the balloon comes out and there is no problem. In this case, you should call us and request a new treatment free of charge.

Gastric Balloon pros and cons

Pros of gastric balloon

  • There is no need for surgery.
  • Placing is quick and simple.
  • Note that placing certain balloons calls for anesthesia.
  • Weight loss is the outcome.
  • If used in combination with a diet and exercise plan, it could lead to long-term weight loss.
  • Depending on your beginning weight and lifestyle adjustments, you can anticipate losing 20 to 50 pounds.
  • Most patients lose between 10% and 30% of their entire beginning weight, or around 30% of their extra body weight.
  • While the balloon is in place, you could feel full more quickly and eat less.

Cons of gastric balloon

  • Reflux of acid is widespread. Anti-reflux drugs like Prilosec or others are frequently recommended.
  • In the initial days, nausea and vomiting are extremely typical.
  • For the first several weeks, throwing up after eating is not unusual.
  • It is only passing. How will you maintain your current weight when the balloon is inflated?
  • Constipation is quite prevalent.
  • Sleeping issues might arise. Acid reflux while laying down or an unpleasant stomach may be the cause of sleep disruptions.
  • An uncommon danger of an overfilled saline balloon is acute pancreatitis.

Gastric Balloon Prices in Turkey

The costs of gastric balloon treatment are quite variable. Even between Istanbull gastric balloon treatment costs and Antalya gastric balloon treatment costs, there are quite big differences. Therefore, you can contact us to get affordable treatments in a good obesity center. We provide services at the best weight loss clinics in Turkey at the best prices. Thus, our patients both receive successful treatment and do not pay high costs. The average cost of the gastric balloon is 2.250€. You can also send us a message to get more information about gastric balloon treatment.

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