Gastric Sleeve Cost in Marmaris

What is Gastric Sleeve ?

An exceedingly dangerous procedure used to treat obesity is the gastric sleeve. There must be significant alterations made to the stomach. As a result, the digestive system functions to assist the patient in losing weight.
In gastric sleeve surgery, 80% of the patient’s stomach is removed. By dieting and exercising in this manner, patients permanently reach their optimum weight. It is a frequently chosen operation as a result.

However, you should be aware that only skilled surgeons can do gastric sleeve procedures. There are therapies that are permanent and irrevocable, and they come with some hazards. This circumstance exemplifies why patients in need of surgery always prefer to work with a skilled physician. You can get a lot of information about gastric sleeves by reading our content. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team works 7/24 to serve you.

Who Can Get Gastric Sleeve?

Patients who are obese can benefit from gastric sleeve procedures. Of course, not all obese people qualify for these treatments. Patients must be willing to receive this treatment;

  • General health should be good
  • Must be able to keep up with the radical nutritional change after the operation
  • Body mass index should be at least 40. Patients who do not meet this criterion must have a BMI of at least 35 and have accompanying obesity-related diseases.
  • Patients must be at least 18 years old and at most 65 years old.
  • Every patient who meets these criteria can easily receive Gastric sleeve treatment.

Gastric Sleeve Risks

You should be aware that every operation has some risk. You should be aware that patients undergoing anesthesia during surgery may experience significant consequences. You will therefore already be exposed to a number of dangers associated with anesthesia. You should also be aware that some concerns apply solely to gastric sleeve procedures. Although gastric sleeve procedures are more intrusive than other weight loss surgeries, they can also have a number of serious hazards. You should absolutely seek therapy from skilled surgeons as a result. A doctor with expertise will therefore be more knowledgeable so that you don’t run any dangers. Of course, this will have a big impact on how well the treatment works.

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks from the cut edge of the stomach
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Hernias
  • Reflux
  • Low blood sugar
  • Malnutrition
  • Vomiting

How Much Weight Is Possible to Lose With Gastric Sleeve?

To reduce weight is one of the most common queries patients have prior to therapy. You should be aware, though, that if you are 150 kilograms when you have surgery, you won’t be 100 kilograms when you recover. Your diet will be made easy after the procedure. So, you must decide what to do.

It is possible to experience an extraordinarily high weight loss following treatment if the patients make a significant shift, maintain their diet, and continue exercising after the recovery period. The patients’ stomach volume will be smaller, thus they will require fewer servings to feel full. You can use this to supplement your diet. To give an average figure, you can expect to lose 60% or more of your excess body weight after surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Preparation

Patients occasionally need to lose weight before sleeve gastrectomy procedures. because the laparoscopic technique is used during the operations. It can be preferable to somewhat lower the fat in the liver and other internal organs to make this process easier. You should thus discuss with your physician whether you can reduce your weight before the procedure.
Additionally, you should mentally readied yourself for the therapy. You may reflect on the happiness following the procedure as well as the challenging process that followed.

You can record the challenges brought on by being overweight and make note of how the procedure has changed following the operation. You will be motivated by this. At the end of all these, you should ask a relative to be with you after the operation. You will have some difficulty in moving after the operation and you will need someone’s support.

During Gastric Sleeve

During the process, you will be unconscious. You won’t feel anything because you’ll be unconscious due to general anesthetic. However, there are two ways to carry out the procedure. The goal of both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery is the same, however open surgery involves making a huge incision and moving on from there. Recovery takes longer after surgery because the patient’s abdomen still has a noticeable scar from the incision.

Laparoscopic surgery falls within the category of closed surgery. Your abdomen is incised five times, and the treatment is carried out by inserting surgical tools via these incisions. This not only ensures reduced scarring, which will eventually render your scar undetectable, but also makes the healing process simpler.

No of the method of operation, it goes as follows;

You get a tube inserted at the stomach’s opening. The banana-shaped tube that is inserted has that shape. Your stomach is separated into two sections and stapled by aligning this tube. The body’s 80% excised portion is sewn back together. The procedure is completed by removing the stomach tube and stitching up the skin incisions.

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After Gastric Sleeve

You will be awakened in the intensive care unit following the gastric sleeve. You’ll be led to the patient room where you can rest. Since you’ve been ravenously hungry since the previous evening, you’ll likely experience intense hunger. You should be aware that for a few more hours, you shouldn’t even drink water. You won’t be able to feel your discomfort thanks to the medications administered through the open vein in your arm. After the procedure, your doctor will visit you and provide you with the required details.

Your diet will start with sugar-free, non-carbonated liquids for a week following gastric sleeve surgery. Following the surgery, he transitions to pureed food for three weeks before returning to conventional meals four weeks later. You should be aware of the critical nature of this progressive solids transition diet. This is necessary for you to avoid post-treatment dangers and for a quick recovery.

A calcium supplement, a multivitamin taken twice daily, and a monthly injection of vitamin B-12 will be required for the rest of your life. You won’t digest some vitamins since your digestive system will undergo major changes, which will cause your body to remove them. Support is needed in this circumstance.

You will go to the doctor frequently during the first few months following weight loss surgery to check on your health. You can require numerous tests, blood tests, and laboratory tests.

You can go through the following changes in the first three to six months following a sleeve gastrectomy as your body adjusts to rapid weight loss:

  • Body aches
  • Feeling tired like you have the flu
  • Feeling cold
  • Dry skin
  • Hair thinning and hair loss
  • Mood changes

Why Do People Prefer Turkey for Gastric Sleeves?

Patients favor Turkey for therapy for a variety of factors. To illustrate a handful of these

  • Compared to many other countries, treatments are 70% more cost-effective. Turkey has a very high exchange rate and a cheap cost of living, which raises the purchasing power. This makes it possible for people to have treatment at very minimal cost.
  • Treatments involving a sleeve gastrectomy have a high rate of success. In Turkey, technology is used extensively in the field of medicine. This has a significant impact on treatment success rates. The success rate of treatment is also increased when patients receive care from accomplished surgeons. With regard to the surgeons in Turkey, this will be really simple.
  • To meet their non-treatment demands, patients do not need to pay hundreds of additional euros. During the course of the treatment, you will have to spend some time in the hospital. At addition, you will have to stay in a hotel both before and after the procedure. If they also take into account your necessities, such as transportation and sustenance, it would also be accurate to suggest that you can return to your country at incredibly low costs.

Why Do People Prefer Marmaris for Gastric Sleeve?

The Marmaris region of Turkey is among the most popular places. Yet why? due to the abundance of sizable, cozy, and all-encompassing hospitals in Marmaris. Almost all of Marmaris’ hospitals have a view as a result of the city’s location. During their time in the hospital, patients are given a respectable quantity of care. On the other hand, the top hotels that people choose for lodging are close to hospitals. As a result, getting from the hotel to the hospitals is simple. Finally, because it is a popular tourist destination, a vacation is also possible there. Patients might have a short vacation in Marmaris after they are able to stand after their therapy.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve in Marmaris

When you decide to seek treatment in Marmaris, you should be aware that while looking for the top clinics is a very wise choice, it won’t produce definitive results. because the clinks’ characteristics vary. Every clinic differentiates apart thanks to a distinctive feature. Because of this, it won’t be feasible to name one as the finest clinical. However, you are in the right place if you are seeking for a reputable clinic.

With the unique rates we have at the top hospitals in Marmaris, we can assure you that you will receive a successful treatment as part of your treatment booking. You should choose to receive care at the most reputable and effective hospitals in Marmaris and Istanbul, which are well-known internationally. As a result, you will experience a more comfortable procedure and the success rate will be higher. You can get in touch with us to take advantage of this chance.

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Marmaris Gastric Sleeve Prices

Are you trying to find out how much a gastric sleeve procedure will cost in Marmaris? You should be aware that costs vary in Turkey just like they do everywhere else. Like in other places and towns, treatment costs vary in Marmaris as well. It may be more expensive in certain regions even when it is more appropriate in others. So make sure to shop around for the greatest deal. Remember that we give the best price guarantee for this as well. We are able to give our patients the best deals because of our stellar reputation in Marmaris.

As Booking For Treatment, our Gastric Sleeve prices; 2,600€

Gastric Sleeve Packages Price in Marmaris

If you are planning to receive treatment in Marmaris, you will definitely need accommodation, transportation, nutrition and hospitalization. In order not to pay high costs for these, you can choose the package services offered by us. As Booking For Treatment, you should know that we offer the best treatments, the best prices and comprehensive package prices.

  • 3 days staying hospital
  • 3 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR testing
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

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