Gastric Sleeve Costs in Istanbul

Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul. This city, which can accommodate any traveler’s needs, also excels in attracting visitors for health reasons. For thorough information on Istanbul Stomach Sleeve Costs, which also offers successful treatment for gastric procedures, which are often chosen in the medical industry, read the material.

What is Gastric Sleeve ?

The greatest surgeons in Istanbul execute gastric sleeve as a bariatric procedure. With thousands of patients traveling to Istanbul, Turkey from the UK, the USA, and other European nations, it is regarded as one of the most popular weight loss procedures. Sleeve gastrectomy, sometimes referred to as gastric sleeve surgery, is a type of bariatric procedure that significantly reduces the size of the stomach.

Istanbul, Turkey’s obese population should unquestionably think about this therapy option. An increasing number of obese individuals are going to Turkey for slimming laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery due to the affordable access to top-notch clinics and surgeons.

Who Can Get Gastric Sleeves?

suitable for individuals with a body mass index of 40 or greater who are 18 to 65 years old. Or it is appropriate for those who are overweight yet have a Body Mass Index of 35 or higher;

Heart condition
elevated blood pressure
High triglycerides
Obstructive snoring
diabetes type 2
Infertility \scancer

Gastric Sleeve Risks

The gastric sleeve operation is crucial. Following these surgeries, which result in a fundamental transformation of the patient’s life, there is a full change in habits, including nutrition. Additionally, there are hazards associated with gastric sleeve surgery;

  • a lot of blood
  • Infection
  • negative effects of anesthesia
  • Clots of blood
  • breathing or lung issues
  • leaks from the stomach’s cut edge
  • blockage in the digestive tract
  • Hernias
  • stomach acid reflux
  • reduced blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Malnutrition
  • Vomiting
Gastric Sleeve Treatment prices in Poland

How Much Weight Is Possible to Lose With Gastric Sleeve?

Following gastric sleeve surgery, your weight loss will depend on a variety of variables, including your diet, level of activity, way of life, and commitment to post-operative care. The size of your new stomach has a substantial impact on how much weight you lose. If you adhere to your post-operative recommendations and maintain your new lifestyle, you can anticipate losing 60–70% of your excess weight as a result of your gastric sleeve operation.

Gastric Sleeve Preparation

Most of the time, gastric sleeve surgery is performed under anesthesia. Despite being modest on the skin, the procedure involves numerous incisions and stitches in the stomach. Patients should alter their nutrition strategy before surgery because of this. On the other hand, it can be required to stop using the drugs and foods, or to drastically reduce usage.

You ought to talk to your doctor about your nutrition because of this. On the other hand, having someone by your side as you heal will be preferable. You can ask a family member for this. Prepare everything you’ll need in one place if you’ll be spending the healing period alone. Thus, you can meet all your needs without moving much after the operation.

During Gastric Sleeve

The laparoscopic technique is typically used to carry out the procedure. However, it can occasionally be carried out through open surgery, which calls for significant incisions. Regardless of the method, general anesthesia is administered to the patient before the procedure begins. As a result, the patient won’t experience any pain during the treatment. The stomach is vertically chopped into a banana form during the process, then stitched. Thus, the stomach develops into a skinny tube.

After Gastric Sleeve

For the first week following surgery, you should only drink non-carbonated, sugar-free drinks. Your diet will improve with time. You should drink pureed foods and a lot of fluids for three weeks following the procedure. After three weeks, you can begin introducing solid foods.

On the other hand, some medications are required to be taken continuously. You will require two daily multivitamins, one daily calcium supplement, and one monthly injection of vitamin B-12. You must do this to maintain your health. Your weight loss process will become apparent three months after the operation. As you continue to lose weight afterwards, it is possible that you will not experience some changes in your body;

  • body aches
  • feeling tired like you have the flu
  • To feel cold
  • Dry skin
  • Hair thinning and hair loss
  • mood changes

Why Do People Prefer Istanbul for Gastric Sleeve?

Turkey is a highly developed nation in every way. In the tourism and healthcare industries, it has had great success. It can readily satisfy a person’s health needs as well as their holiday needs. It is better in this situation to obtain treatment in Istanbul. When having gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, a patient can travel while receiving treatment, both in the summer and the winter. Turkey, on the other hand, is desirable because it has a low cost of living. The inexpensive therapies are guaranteed by the low cost of living. Patients also benefit when they select reasonably priced, high-quality treatments.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Istanbul

A clinic cannot be referred to as the top clinic for sleeve gastrectomy. because Turkey has skilled surgeons and extremely successful clinics. But if you’re still searching for an answer, every clinic that Booking For Treatment works with is productive. For our patients, we take great care to choose the best clinics and surgeons. As a result, we avoid an unsuccessful outcome. So far, every patient who has undergone a sleeve gastrectomy has had a positive experience.

Gastric Balloon

Is It an Effective Surgery to Get in Istanbul, Turkey?

Weight loss is aided by gastric sleeve surgery in two ways: Your stomach is smaller, so you feel full more quickly and stop eating. This suggests that you take in less calories. The area of your stomach that produces ghrelin, a hormone connected to appetite, has been removed, so you don’t feel as hungry.

After having gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, you should expect to lose at least half of your excess weight in 18 to 24 months, according to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Some people see weight loss of 60 to 70 percent. Source you can believe in. It’s important to remember that this will only occur if you follow your surgeon’s advice on diet and exercise. You’ll be more likely to keep the weight off in the long run if you make these lifestyle adjustments.

Gastric Sleeve Costs in Istanbul

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a great option for people on a restricted budget because it is far less expensive than other bariatric surgeries. Due to rising costs, obese patients from all over the world travel to Turkey to improve their health.

Thanks to Cure Booking, gastric sleeve costs in Istanbul are relatively affordable. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul varies depending on the particulars of the patient, the facility, and the cosmetic surgeon. In comparison to many other nations throughout the world, Istanbul’s gastric sleeve prices might be up to 60% lower. Turkey’s lower labor and operating costs are the reason behind this.

Istanbul provides top-notch sleeve gastrectomy procedures carried out by qualified plastic surgeons who have the chance to treat numerous patients of all nationalities as a result of the nation’s expanding medical tourism industry. In Istanbul, a gastric sleeve procedure starts at 1900 €. To learn more about the costs of a tube stomach in Istanbul and to receive a custom package price quote, get in touch with us.

Gastric Sleeve Packages Price in Istanbul

Additionally, our packages are highly alluring. Additionally, because we are a medical tourism business, we provide inexpensive weight loss procedures in Istanbul. Holiday packages that include hotels, VIP transports, cost-free consultations, tracking services, and more are additional benefits of choosing Turkey. It will include both medical care and a vacation in one of Turkey’s stunning cities, like Istanbul.

There are several high-tech centers for bariatric surgery that provide very efficient and secure procedures. Normally, you ought to pick an Istanbul, Turkey, medical facility for your sleeve gastrectomy procedure that provides both efficient procedures and a welcoming setting for postoperative rehabilitation. You should look over the clinic’s accreditation and certifications before confirming. However, since we are a medical tourism company, we have partner clinics and hospitals that are listed at the top.

Gastric Sleeve Costs in UK

The UK provides several therapies and services, including gastric sleeve surgeries, at exorbitant costs. Treatment in the UK is quite expensive due to the relatively high cost of living. Prices in the UK are expensive due to both high clinical costs and high therapeutic costs.

People from the UK take advantage of this circumstance by receiving treatment abroad for many types of procedures, including gastric sleeve surgery. UK charges 10,750 euros on average for gastric sleeve surgery. In many nations, you can receive a gastric sleeve procedure for less money than this asking price. Although there are many reasons why these prices are so high, the solution is to get these treatments in Turkey.

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