Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is another name for the gastric sleeve procedure. A gastric sleeve eliminates 75–80 percent of the stomach to help you eat less and lose weight quickly. The gastric sleeve procedure makes use of laparoscopic methods. upper abdomen is cut, and the wound is then stitched up. On the left side, the abdominal wall has been removed significantly. The procedure is known as a nasogastric tub because the remaining portion of the stomach resembles a narrow tube. As it did before to surgery, the stomach empties into the small intestine. It isn’t made or changed in the small intestine. After surgery, you’ll start to lose weight since you’ll eat less because you’ll feel satisfied.

All extra weight can be lost with a gastric sleeve in one to two years.

In Turkey, gastric surgery, one of the priciest procedures for obesity, is carried out for a reasonable cost. because Turkey has a large number of medical facilities and clinics that specialize in this area. Supply and demand are flowing freely. Make sure you choose wisely if you intend to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey from outside of the country. Turkey is another fully-funded nation that offers healthcare in top-notch facilities with skilled specialists on staff.

With all-inclusive package treatment rates and opportunities, it is a lovely country not only for treatment costs and the success of doctors, but also for travel, patient lodging, hotel lodging, translation, vacation, and cultural tourism in your area.

In our ongoing subjects, you can discover comprehensive information regarding gastric sleeve treatment prices below.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is currently one of the most well-liked destinations for medical travel. Since the operations are both relatively affordable and quite effective, patients frequently choose Turkey over other countries for medical treatments. Turkish consumers have more spending power thanks to the country’s low cost of living and strong currency. As a result, patients can get treatment for incredibly low costs.

Gastric sleeve procedures have a very high success rate. The medical industry in Turkey makes substantial use of technology. Turkey’s hospitals and clinics are outfitted with top-notch medical technology, and its surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. The effectiveness of the treatment is significantly impacted by this. because the cost of living is relatively low in the nation. The price of the patient’s stay need not be hundreds of euros. For lodging both before and after surgery, travel, and dining out, there are reasonable possibilities.

Why Do People Prefer Turkey for Gastric Sleeves?

As previously said, there are a lot of hazards involved with gastric sleeve surgery. Of course, given these hazards, patients must receive top-notch care. However, as was previously said, when not covered by the NHS or other insurance, the expenses of Gastric Sleeve therapy are exceedingly costly in many countries. In this instance, people favor Turkish gastric sleeve surgery since it is affordable and effective.

You’re in very capable hands. Every step of the way, our team is prepared to help you with patient care.

Furthermore, if you are going to Turkey for gastric sleeve surgery, you might enjoy a pleasant holiday to help you recover from the procedure. You may feel better by traveling to Turkey one or two weeks prior to your gastric sleeve and having your procedure done after a relaxing vacation, as it does for many patients. Naturally, Turkey’s low cost of living will also result in a cheap trip with a cheap stomach tube.

Who Is Eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

  • Age between 18 and 65 years old
  • BMI over 40 (more than 35 for patients with serious health problems from obesity)
  • Psychological readiness
  • Patients who wish to undergo weight loss surgery but are at risk of long procedures such as gastric bypass.
  • People who are ready to change their life commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • The most important requirement for international patients who wish to undergo weight loss surgery in Turkey is the opportunity to travel to Turkey.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Painful?

All weight loss techniques, including the gastric sleeve, have a side effect of pain. The discomfort is rather mild the day of surgery, and patients get intravenous medications as necessary. Because the anesthesia has completely worn off, the discomfort may worsen the next day after the procedure (although with laparoscopic procedures, the pain is manageable).

However, if a patient requests it, nurses will give them their medication. Pain persists from days 2 through 14, although it is mostly triggered by activity (patients move, turn, and change positions), and it should subside over time. Patients only feel discomfort during sudden movements, bursts, and turns in weeks 2 and 3. If discomfort continues after two months, patients should visit a doctor.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Most patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery frequently become quite skinny. Approximately 70% of overweight persons are shedding pounds. The first year is when the majority of weight loss occurs, and the second and third years will see even more decrease, although the weight usually remains stable.

because it is very impossible to avoid losing weight following gastric surgery without a tube. There are patients whose weight loss is insufficient, just as there are patients whose weight reaches their target weight. A significant patient cohort’s weight loss over the long term was reported to be between 85 and 90 percent in later reports. A small number of patients may regain weight over a period. However, the chance of returning to the old weights is 1%.

Gastric surgery, like all procedures for obesity, cannot promise a certain amount of weight loss. After closed gastric sleeve surgery, the appetite is significantly lowered and meals can be larger in size. Patients who start losing weight immediately experience a positive mental change. Bad nutrition and inactivity are momentarily interrupted when daily routines are constrained. The transition to a healthier lifestyle becomes easier. Because of this, patients who, following surgery, maintained a regular daily regimen, including a balanced diet and exercise, benefited more.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Take?

When performing the surgery, general anesthesia is used. A gastric sleeve procedure typically takes 1.5 hours. Given that the inlet and outlet pathways into the stomach are protected, along with the continuity of the digestive system, there is little risk associated with gastric tube surgery, and certain side effects are supposedly quite minimal. The gastric sleeve technique is currently the most often utilized surgical method to treat obesity. Like any procedure, gastric reduction surgery has the potential to go wrong if it is not performed by a team of professionals, under the right conditions, and using the right technique.

What Are the Possible Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The general dangers of any surgical procedure are also present with gastric sleeve surgery. You will always have a group of experts by your side before, during, and after surgery.

Breathing issues are a potential unique consequence of this procedure that might arise from the mobilization of blood clots in the leg veins depending on the patient’s weight, particularly the leakage of sutures and accompanying abscesses, and is seen in 1% of cases. The procedure’s widespread use, the rise in the number of testing facilities and surgeons, and technological advancements are the causes of this decline.

Before after gastric balloon

Is It Safe to Have a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

It is completely safe. There are many experienced surgeons and well-equipped hospitals in Turkey. You can have the surgery safely. In addition, the price is much cheaper than in other countries. In short, it offers many benefits to patients in every way. Turkey is the best in this regard.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Sleeve In İstanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. This city specializes at drawing tourists for health-related reasons and can meet the needs of any traveler. Read the content for comprehensive information on Istanbul Stomach Sleeve Costs, which also provides effective therapy for gastric treatments, which are frequently chosen in the medical sector.

Why Do People Prefer Istanbul for Gastric Sleeve?

In every regard, Turkey is a high-major country. It has been extremely successful in the tourism and healthcare sectors. It can easily meet a person’s needs for both a vacation and for their health. In this case, seeking treatment in Istanbul is preferable. A patient can travel while undergoing treatment for gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, both in the summer and the winter. On the other hand, Turkey is attractive due to its inexpensive cost of living. The cheap cost of living ensures the affordable remedies. When patients choose affordable, high-quality treatments, they also gain.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Istanbul

There is no such thing as the best clinic for gastric sleeves. Turkey has highly successful clinics and excellent surgeons. But if you’re still seeking a solution, each facility that Booking For Treatment partners with is effective. We take considerable effort to select the best hospitals and surgeons for our clientele. As a result, we steer clear of a disappointing result. Every patient who has had a sleeve gastrectomy thus far has reported good results.

Gastric Sleeve In Antalya

After Istanbul, Antalya is among the most popular tourist destinations.

It has proven its success in health tourism with its extensive hospitals and effective medical staff. Obesity, the most dangerous ailment in recent years, is successfully addressed in this city. Our article’s topic is the advantages and expenses of weight-loss operations in Antalya, as suggested by the title. You can also get a lot of information regarding gastric sleeve surgery.

Booking For Treatment can guarantee that you’ll have a successful treatment thanks to the discounted rates we provide at the best hospitals in Antalya. You should decide to undergo treatment at the best hospitals in Antalya and Istanbul, which are well-known across the country. As a result, there will be a greater chance of success and you will experience a more pleasant procedure. To benefit from this chance, you can also get in touch with us.

Gastric Sleeve In İzmir

Patients seeking therapy on Turkey’s Aegean coast will find the Izmir weight loss program to be highly ideal. The entire globe is familiar with and enamored of the Aegean coast. Because of this, individuals considering weight loss surgery may also enjoy a relaxing vacation in Izmir prior to their procedure. So, in addition to being encouraged to have surgery, individuals can also get affordable and effective treatments. You can browse our material to learn more about Izmir’s weight loss treatments and to learn more about Izmir’s weight loss treatments in depth.

Procedures for weight loss in Izmir might help patients who are obese or overweight. In Turkey, several weight loss surgeries like as the gastric balloon, gastric botox, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass as well as Istanbul or Antalya weight loss therapies are widely chosen. For details on weight loss programs in Cesme, Gumuldur, and Izmir, keep reading our posts. This makes it simpler for you to select the location of your treatment.

Gastric Sleeve Or Gastric Bypass ?

Gastric Sleeve In Fethiye

The Fethiye district of the Mula province is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. It is easy to understand why given that the city is home to some of the most magnificent natural tourist attractions. The region is home to a great number of hospitals that are thorough, well-equipped, and spacious, drawing medical visitors in addition to the city’s well-known attractions. Around an hour’s drive separates Fethiye from cities like Marmaris and Kusadasi, which are recognized for their top-notch medical care. Due to Fethiye’s advantageous location, patients may easily get to surrounding hospitals and clinics to receive top-notch care before, during, and after their treatments from licensed medical professionals.

The proximity of many hotels to the hospitals also makes staying and transportation quite convenient. Many patients who travel for medical treatment also take a medical vacation to enjoy the city’s world-class beaches, historical sites, and nightlife.

It is a good idea to research the top hospitals when deciding where to go for treatment in the Fethiye region, but this does not ensure that you will get the best treatment possible. Each clinic has a unique quality that makes it stand out from the competitors.

It won’t be possible to call it the best clinical for this reason. However, you’re in the proper place if you’re looking for a reliable clinic.

Gastric Sleeve In Marmaris

One of the most well-known locations is the Turkish region of Marmaris. But why? Because Marmaris is home to multiple large, well-equipped, and comprehensive hospitals. Due to the city’s location, almost every hospital in Marmaris has a view. Patients receive a reasonable amount of care when they are in the hospital. On the other side, the best hotels that guests select for lodging are near medical facilities. So it’s easy to get from the hotel to the hospital. Finally, a vacation is also conceivable there because it is a well-known tourist location. When patients are able to stand following their therapy, they may take a little holiday in Marmaris.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve in Marmaris

You should be aware that while seeking out the best clinics is a really smart decision, it won’t result in concrete outcomes when you choose to receive treatment in Marmaris. because different clinks have different properties. Every clinic sets itself apart with a unique characteristic. in light of

This means that naming one as the best clinical won’t be possible. But if you’re looking for a renowned clinic, you’re at the correct place.

Gastric Sleeve In Kusadasi

With Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve Procedures, patients can undergo treatments that are reasonably priced and incredibly successful. It also works great for taking a well-deserved break before therapy.

Due to this, patients frequently select the Kusadasi gastric sleeve procedure. Despite the little price difference, Antalya, Istanbul, and Kusadasi all provide higher quality accommodations and a better vacation experience than Kusadasi. As a result, in addition to obtaining first-rate care when receiving Kusadasi Gastric Sleeve therapy, you are also entitled to free nutritionist support.

Gastric Sleeve In Didim

The gastric sleeve, a bariatric surgery technique, has been around for a while and is a popular choice. However, you should be aware that this does not always lead to weight loss. After surgery, you’ll be able to reduce your weight. You shouldn’t expect to lose weight immediately after surgery.

You are aware that the most common deadly illness in recent years has been obesity. Therefore, treatment is quite essential. You should be aware that, in addition to being overweight, obesity is an illness that involves a number of other health problems. Consequently, it’s imperative to be conscious of your demands. How does it work? Who is it suitable for? Learn about the advantages of getting treatment at Didim.

How Can I Choose the Right Clinic for a Gastric Sleeve?

Choosing the finest hospital for a gastric sleeve operation might be challenging, especially with the abundance of doctors that lack proper training. Asking friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations is a fantastic place to start, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide which clinic best suits your needs.

You can speak with one of our knowledgeable personal healthcare specialists for advice on how to choose the ideal facility for your gastric sleeve operation. There is no need to fear because the online consultation is free. For all of your inquiries and concerns, please use Booking For Treatment to get in touch with us.

Gastric Sleeve Treatment prices in Poland

What Is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price In Turkey?

The level of experience of the surgeon, the kind and quantity of surgical supplies used, the price of the preoperative evaluation, and hospital charges can all affect how much a gastric sleeve procedure costs. Of course, gastric sleeve surgery is more expensive at private clinics. Even if there are regional price differences, with these operations, positive health outcomes matter more than money. Despite variances in currency exchange rates and environmental circumstances in various countries/regions, prices are generally identifiable.

For this reason, in order to obtain accurate price information, you need contact with a health tourism company like us or perform a full interview with a private clinic. Otherwise, the costs will fluctuate. Naturally, this will make you believe that there are additional expenditures.

Gastric Sleeve Prices: 2,800 Euro

Gastric Sleeve Package Prices: 3,500 Euro 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price in Turkey vs Other Countries

An summary of gastric sleeve surgery prices in 11 nations, including Turkey, Europe, and North America, may be seen below.
With an average cost of €18,000, the US has the most expensive gastric sleeve surgery among the 11 nations we visited. One must pay approximately 10,000 euros in the UK and almost 8,000 euros in the United Arab Emirates.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery is less expensive in certain other nations, particularly in Poland and Germany, where it costs between €6,000 and €7,000, and in the Czech Republic and Mexico, where it costs about €4,800. The cheapest gastric sleeve operation, however, is roughly €2.450 in Turkey, which makes sense given that its general cost and cost of living are lower than those of the other nations mentioned in the talk above. Additionally, it includes the gastric sleeve medical package, which includes travel, patient lodging, hotel lodging, translation, etc. in addition to the real operating costs.

Why Is Turkey the Cheapest Country in Europe and World for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Turkey offers reasonable prices for gastric sleeve surgery, one of the most expensive procedures for treating obesity. because Turkey has a large number of clinics and medical professionals. There is a large stream of supply and demand. Make sure you choose wisely if you intend to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey from outside of the country. Turkey has affordable healthcare. For instance: 1 Euro on 03.01.2023, and 19.85 Turkish Lira. (Lira Turkish) Patients from other countries can access both high-quality and affordable healthcare treatments in the nation thanks to this exchange rate difference, and if they so choose, they can also enjoy a vacation at our package rates.

How to Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Prior to undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy, patients may need to lose weight. because the procedures were performed using a laparoscopic method. To make this simpler, it could be beneficial to somewhat reduce the fat in the liver and other internal organs. You should thus ask your surgeon if you can lose weight before the treatment.

You should also mentally prepare for the procedure. You might think about the operation’s joyful results as well as the difficult process that followed.

You can keep a record of the difficulties brought on by being overweight and note any modifications made to the procedure after the operation. This is going to encourage you. Once you’ve thought about everything, ask a family member to stay with you following the procedure. After the procedure, you might need help moving and find it challenging.

What Is the Gastric Sleeve Pre-surgery Diet?

You will be prescribed a diet beginning two weeks before the scheduled surgery date to help you get ready for the procedure. It is a restrictive diet that forbids foods high in calories and carbohydrates, like pasta, potatoes, and sweets. You’ll mostly eat veggies, lean protein, and low- or no-calorie drinks. You will begin the clear liquid diet at this time two days before to surgery, and you will continue it following the procedure.

Following your doctor’s recommended eating plan is crucial, both before and after having a gastric sleeve. The items you are permitted to eat are made to speed up your body’s healing process and set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Exercise is another essential component.

Istanbul Gastric Sleeve Prices

How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

By removing the primary curve of the stomach, the stomach is reduced to around 25% of its original size during a surgical weight-loss operation called a gastric sleeve. It can be carried out using a robotic or laparoscopic approach. The remainder of the stomach resembles a banana or a sleeve. It is a limiting process.

Technique: The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. It employs the five trocar technique. After identifying the pylorus, the ultrasonic scalpel is used to divide the bigger omentum. The anesthesiologist separates the stomach before inserting a bougie. The bougie uses a stapling instrument to split the stomach as directed. Once any bleeding and leaks have been stopped, the remaining stomach is stitched to the omentum. The divided stomach is taken out when the abdomen is opened.

What Is Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

For the first week following the surgery, you’ll continue to consume only clear beverages. Intestinal obstruction, gastric leakage, diarrhea, constipation, and dehydration are just a few of the postoperative issues that might be lessened in this way. Giving your body the time it needs to heal will be made easier with the help of this program.

Your doctor will monitor you closely throughout this time and provide you with weekly instructions on what to eat, drink, and do physically.

What Will My Life Be After Surgery?

During the gastric sleeve procedure, 75% of the stomach is removed. As a result, your body will go through various difficult transformations. Your stomach will be considerably smaller, which will limit how much food you may eat. You’ll feel full fairly soon after eating only a small amount of food. Sometimes people who receive gastric sleeves have an appetite loss. Following this procedure, the stomach will produce less “hunger hormone,” which may aid in weight loss.

How Is the Recovery Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Within 7 to 10 days following surgery, people with desk jobs can resume their jobs. However, limitation might extend up to 3 weeks after surgery for patients with heavy labor. After day 7, anyone going back to work should refrain from any motions that would put strain on the abdominal wall.

However, patients who have been released are anticipated to resume their usual lives as quickly as possible. Activities in daily life lower the risk of embolism. After laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery, patients can soon resume their normal lives thanks to the closed access. An approximately half-centimeter-long hidden suture is used during closed skin surgery, and after a week, the hidden stitch is fully healed.

The tapering abdominal suture takes around ten days to heal completely. In other words, the patient was able to leak for about 10 days. The first 10 days are not suggested for strenuous exercise or a rigid diet because of this. The surgery patient can go back to work after a week if he refrains from any physically demanding tasks.

Can Your Stomach Go Back to Normal After Gastric Sleeve?

As a result, the answer to the question, “Can your stomach grow back after weight loss surgery?” is NO. It won’t grow back to its original size, but it will instead hold a capacity that will enable the patient to lead a normal life for a very long time once they have achieved their weight loss goals.

Gastric Sleeve Costs in Istanbul- Best Prices

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