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What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair to the balding scalp of patients with baldness. During this procedure, hair grafts taken from the hairy area of the scalp are transferred to the balding area. Thus, the baldness problem is solved.

What are the Hair Transplant Types?

Hair transplant has been a preferred treatment for many years. It involves transplanting the grafts taken from the scalp of the patients to the hairy area. The technique used in this transplant process changes the hair transplant technique. You can learn more about hair transplant by continuing to read our content.

Transplantation of follicular units (FUT)

A small strip of hair-bearing skin is taken from the back of your head and separated into pieces, each carrying one to four hairs (hair grafts). The grafts are then put into tiny wounds in the scalp.

  • Stitches are used to seal the wound where the hairs are extracted.
  • There will be a scar on the back of your head, but it should be hidden unless you have extremely short hair.
  • Only the region where the skin is removed is trimmed, not the entire head.
  • the back of the head is shaved
  • individual hairs are removed 1 by 1 (grafts)
  • the grafts are placed into tiny cuts made in the scalp
  • you’ll have lots of tiny scars, but they will not be very noticeable

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • Hair transplants usually take a day, but you should not need to stay overnight.
  • If a large area is being treated, you may need to have 2 or more sessions a few months apart.
  • Your surgeon will tell you how to look after your graft. You should be given a spray to use to help recovery and hair growth.
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For whom is Hair Transplantation Suitable?

It can be said that hair transplant is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. There is an important thing here that if patients are planning to receive hair transplant treatment, you must have the necessary graft for transplantation. In short, if the hairy donor area on the scalp where the grafts will be taken is small, then the treatment changes direction.

You can choose an online consultation to find out if you are suitable for treatment. Thus, your eligibility for treatment will be checked before you come to the hospital. In cases where the necessary graft is not available, it is possible to take grafts from different areas.

Preparation for a Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is a very important treatment. It is also important to prepare patients for this treatment. Therefore, you can also comply with the following;

  1. Head Massages: Starting two weeks before your procedure, massaging your scalp for 10-20 minutes a day can help you have a more successful surgery. This will stimulate the follicles and increase the elasticity of your scalp.
  2. Stay Out of the Sun: Remember that you don’t want your skin to be exposed to the elements before your procedure. We want to operate on healthy, unburned skin. Cover up with a hat or umbrella, or stay indoors until the big day is over.
  3. Drinking is prohibited: Do not drink alcohol a week before your procedure. This is in line with standard medical practice.
  4. No Supplements: The same goes for antibiotics. We don’t want to risk any supplements that interact with the medications we’ll give you before and after surgery. We will ask you to stop certain supplements and medications prior to your procedure.
  5. No smoking: Smoking can slow your healing process. It is best to quit smoking at least two weeks before your procedure.
  6. No Tylenol: We don’t want you to take any medications that will thin your blood, just like you’re under a full blown anaesthetic. We want to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding, in case something happens to you during your procedure.
  7. Follow Doctor’s Orders: We will give you specific instructions before your procedure. It is imperative that you follow them in order to get the most successful result possible.

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

Before undergoing hair transplantation, several significant factors should be considered. You should try to quit or reduce your smoking as much as possible. You should limit your usage of alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages, and green tea. If you are continually taking medicine for chronic conditions, you should obviously notify your doctor about this.

You should avoid things like hair products and lotions that should be left out for at least a month. On the day of hair transplantation, do not apply any gel or gel to your hair. Products like this should not exist. You should wear clothes that are comfortable for you. Otherwise, touching it on your head will be detrimental. It is recommended that people who want to have a hair transplant take care not to drive and therefore do not come alone.

How long does hair transplantation take?

The duration of hair transplantation treatment may vary depending on how many grafts the patient needs and the skill of the surgeon. For this reason, sometimes the treatment can be completed as a result of 8 or 14 hours of operation in a single day, while in some cases the procedure can be completed in 2 or 3 days. Therefore, the important thing in answering this question is how many grafts patients need for hair transplantation and the dexterity of the doctors.

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What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

Success rates in hair transplantation vary depending on the hair transplantation clinic preferred by the patient and the patient’s health status. Because, although most of them give very successful results with treatment, in some cases, patients do not apply what needs to be considered after treatment. In this case, unfortunately, the treatment can lead to infection. If you follow the doctor’s instructions to stay away from all these, your treatment success rate will be between 85% and 95%.

Does hair transplantation grow hair again?

After the hair transplant treatment, the healing process begins. After 2 weeks in this process, the hair starts to fall out. Lost hair grows back. At the end of this period, the hair that grows back will now be permanent. So the answer of spru will be yes. After hair transplantation, the hair that has been lost grows back.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplantation?

The cost of hair transplant treatments is highly variable. The country, city, clinic and sometimes even how many grafts of hair transplantation patients will receive will change the cost. For this reason, you can contact us to get cheap hair transplant treatments. At the same time, you can learn more about hair transplantation by continuing to read our content.

Does Hair Transplantation Look Natural?

Hair transplant treatments are of course very important treatments for patients. Stopping hair transplant treatments naturally is the most important point of the treatment. Therefore, of course, patients should find a good doctor for treatment. Because doctors who do not have experience in hair transplant treatment may not offer the naturalness you expect.

A natural look is very important for hair transplantation, especially if you are going to do it on the parts of your hairline. You can also contact us for natural looking hair transplant treatments.

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Why Do People Come To Turkey For Hair Transplantation?

It is well known that many patients go to Turkey for hair transplant treatments. The reason for this is that it is possible to get cheap and successful hair transplant treatments, as it has been known for many years. If you are planning to receive hair transplant treatment in Turkey, you can contact us. As mentioned above, we offer natural-looking and successful hair transplant treatments at the best prices. Would you like to receive these successful treatments too?

Is It Risky To Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

It is quite normal to have many question marks in your mind about the risks of getting hair transplant treatment in Turkey. However, you should know that there are clinics that are not successful in Turkey as well as in every country. Therefore, if you receive treatment from a good hair transplant clinic, the risks will be minimal. If you are planning to get hair transplant treatment in Turkey, you can get the treatment with the lowest risk ratio with the best price guarantee with us.

Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey

There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey. It is very easy to find treatment in many cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, Trabzon. We also provide treatment in every city in Turkey. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? We can evaluate hair transplant clinics in Turkey together and choose the most suitable one for you. Thus, you will receive treatment with the best price guarantee.

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant treatment costs in Turkey are quite variable. That’s why you need to do some research to get treatment at the best prices. Otherwise, it is possible to receive treatment at high costs. We as Booking For Treatment 1650€.

This treatment price is applied in unlimited hair transplant treatment. In short, whether you get 3000 grafts of hair transplantation or 5000 grafts of hair transplantation in Turkey, the cost will be the same and will not change. You can also send us a message to get detailed information about this subject.

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