How Much a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey? 

What is Hair Transplantation?

Let’s first look at what baldness is in order to properly comprehend Hair Transplantation and its treatments. The disease known as baldness, often known as hair loss, is characterized by the loss of scalp hair and the absence of new hair growth. Seasonal hair loss can also be brought on by stress, poor nutrition, or genetics. People in this situation must wait a bit before receiving hair transplant treatment and ensure that their hair does not grow back.

Patients who have hair follicles from the outside are not eligible for hair transplant therapies used to treat hair loss. It involves cutting the patient’s scalp hair into grafts and inserting those grafts into bald spots. Thus, hair transplantation treatment is a treatment that aims to change the location of the hair on the scalp of the patients and to gain a hairy appearance.

Who Is Hair Transplant Treatment Suitable For?

Anyone over the age of 24 who has sufficient scalp donor area can receive a hair transplant therapy. Of course, the patients’ overall health should be in good shape. Even while the new technique makes receiving a hair transplant fairly simple and healthful, it does require the absence of any patients with blood disorders, heart conditions, or anesthetic allergies.

Even if a patient over the age of 24 who is considering getting a hair transplant does not have enough hair in the donor area, they should get in touch with Turkish hair transplant clinics and look for treatment options. These remedies frequently include implanting hair follicles into the hair area from the beard, arms, or legs.

Are Hair Transplant Treatments Risky?

We are aware of how far modern medicine has come. Because of this, hair transplant procedures can be carried out without risk, just as many other procedures. The technologies in use operate with minimal bleeding and infection risk. There are risks, of course, even with all of this. The way is? The patients’ desired hair transplant specialists’ inexperience or a lack of hygienic work would increase the hazards.

The scalp and donor area’s skin will need to be slightly opened during the removal and transplantation of hair follicles. Additionally, opening the skin makes it simpler for an infection to infiltrate the patient’s body. The fact that the patient’s desired doctor for the hair transplant procedure doesn’t operate in a hygienic manner may cause the treatments to fail. In addition, there may be dangers associated with hair transplantation therapy.

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • persistent itching
  • Scar
  • Natural Long Hair
  • Crooked Hairlines
  • Loss of transplanted hair

Types of Hair Transplant Treatment

The FUT technique is the one used when hair transplant procedures first begin. The nape skin between the two ears is removed using FUT in strips. The procedure involves extracting hair transplants from these strips and transplanting them to the patient. Of course, new procedures developed as the number of patients seeking hair transplantation treatment increased, and new hair transplantation techniques were created that were much more comfortable than the original approach.

FUE and DHI methods are the most popular with the most recent technology. The FUE technique, which has been used for a while, has given way to the DHI approach. Using a specialized surgical pen, the DHI technique involves harvesting hair in the form of grafts and transplanting them into the recipient area. These hair transplantation methods were all selected based on patient preferences. If they so choose, patients can also receive therapy through the FUT method. The FUE technique is, of course, the one that is most frequently used.

Turkey Hair Transplant Prices

All across the world, hair transplant procedures are recognized as attractive therapies. Health insurance obviously does not cover these procedures as a result. Prices are high as a result of this. Unfortunately, despite the fact that hair transplant procedures are quite simple thanks to modern medicine, the cost of the procedure has not decreased. Unfortunately, countries like the UK, Germany, and the USA have substantially greater costs for hair transplant treatments. This is due in part to the fact that it is an aesthetic procedure as well as the fact that there are few hair transplant clinics and high living expenses. This guarantees that patients who desire hair transplantation will, of course, receive therapy for hair transplantation in many nations.

Turkey is the first nation that comes to mind because of this. Turkey has emerged as a global leader in hair transplant procedures. In fact, when asked to talk about Turkey in numerous street interviews conducted in other countries, a lot of individuals respond by mentioning hair transplant procedures. This demonstrates how well hair transplant procedures work in Turkey. Regarding costs, there are a variety of hair transplant therapy costs in Turkey. The quantity of grafts required, the size of the donor area, the width of the recipient area, and the procedure will all have a significant impact on the cost. Making a clear statement regarding the prices would not be appropriate under this circumstance.

Why are Hair Transplant Prices Cheap in Turkey?

In many nations, hair transplant procedures are highly expensive. Therefore, it becomes sense to question why Turkey has such low prices. The inadequacy of the hair transplant specialist and the expense of living account for the high cost of hair transplantation treatments in other nations. Turkey has many hair transplant facilities, which contributes to the low cost of hair transplants there. Turkish hair transplant clinic competition is bringing costs down to local levels. Because of this, hair transplant clinics that are in competition drop their pricing. Although this is the most crucial factor, the exceptionally high exchange rate gives foreign patients more purchasing power and lowers the cost of hair transplants in Turkey.

How Turkey Became the World Leader in Hair Transplantation?

More people than ever are currently traveling for health reasons. There are quite effective remedies available in every nation. The Netherlands excels at IVF procedures, whereas Austria has great success with cancer therapies. Every nation has potential growth areas. Although Turkey offers highly effective treatments in every discipline, hair transplantation has gained popularity due to high treatment costs. The high cost of living, the strong currency, the abundance of hair transplant clinics, and the low cost of living have all contributed to Turkey’s extremely low hair transplant prices. In this instance, people seeking hair transplant treatments in Turkey have traveled from many different nations.

Of course, treating so many patients has given hair transplant clinics in Turkey experience. In 2022, the annual increase in the success rate of hair transplantation had reached 98%. Turkey is a frontrunner due to both its high success rate for hair transplants and affordable cost of care. Due to the fact that many nations travel to Turkey for hair transplants, Turkey is at the top of the list for medical tourism. At the same time, you should be aware that Turkey will provide you successful treatments at reasonable costs in a variety of fields, including dental care, plastic surgery, weight reduction, and cancer treatment.

How Much Is 2000 Graft Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The most typical number of grafts used in hair transplantation is 2000. Only at the beginning are the majority of people chosen for hair loss treatments. Patients who lose hair in their front hairline also have larger foreheads and appear older than they actually are. Even though costs vary, it is feasible to have a 2000 graft hair transplant in Turkey for as little as 1.500 euros. However, We offer services with a single charge and limitless grafts.

How Much Is 3000 Graft Hair Transplantat in Turkey?

The number of hair grafts a patient need will determine the pricing, as it does in every other country. It is untrue that the price of hair transplant procedures is influenced by the quantity of grafts, nevertheless. Considering that it will take longer, this just affects price. In order to offer the greatest service for our hair transplant treatment pricing, we at curebooking provide service. For this reason, we provide an infinite number of grafts for a price of 1 350 euros. The average beginning cost in Turkey for a 3000 graft hair transplant is 2,500 euros.

How much is 5000 Graft Hair Transplantat in Turkey?

The cost of a 5000-graft hair transplant in Turkey is considerable. It will be possible to undergo therapy that costs, on average, 6,000 €, despite the fact that it is more affordable than in other nations. This is so that the sessions can last for several days or more. Having sufficient donor area for a 5000-graft hair transplant is crucial as well. Even if it is quite usual for all of them to have an impact on the cost, we receive 1350 € for the cost of 5000 hair transplantation grafts. That’s a really good deal, isn’t it? Contact us for a free hair analysis and treatment plan if you require 5000 graft hair transplantation in Turkey.

Turkey Hair Transplant Package Price

Hair transplantation costs in Turkey are quite variable. For this reason, patients should choose both affordable and successful hair transplant clinics while receiving hair transplant treatment. You can also contact us for this. As Booking for treatment, we serve patients with the best price guarantee. In this case, our patients can get very good results without paying high costs.

A Booking For Treatment, we have special prices at contracted hotels and clinics. In this way, our patients benefit from the best price guarantee by choosing package services. In another clinic, he can only receive hair transplant treatment at much higher costs, while in ours he can benefit from all-inclusive services. We guarantee that our Turkey hair transplant package price also has the best price. 1.650€ !
Pretty good price isn’t it? Well, let’s take a look at what’s included in the package;

  • Hair transplant treatment
  • Accommodation during treatment (for 2 people)
  • Morning Breakfast (for 2 people)
  • Drug treatments
  • All tests required in the hospital
  • PCR test
  • Nursing service
  • Special shampoo for hair transplant treatment
  • Transfers between hotel-airport-clinic
Best Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

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