How Much Is A Breast Lift in Turkey?

What Is Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastoplasty, is a surgical procedure to lift the breast and improve its shape. A breast lift is a surgical procedure used to correct sagging breasts. Lifting the breasts and contouring the breast tissue are crucial for this reason. The operation of mastopexy significantly raises women’s self-confidence. Women often have a strong desire to appear feminine. But with time or as a result of factors like nursing, the breasts could droop. Women experience insecurity due to saggy breasts. Sagging breasts can now be easily treated thanks to modern technology.

Why Is Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery Performed?

As you age, your breasts change in appearance. The straightness decreases. The breast can become less vertical for a number of reasons, including

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge and put on weight. This causes the ligaments that keep the breasts upright from being stretched. The breast may droop when the pregnancy comes to an end because these ligaments start to unravel and the breast starts to lose its fullness.

Weight fluctuations: It usually occurs for those whose weight is continually changing. When weight loss occurs, breasts that expand with weight gain shrink. Sagging breasts are the end outcome.

Gravity: The ligaments holding the chest upright deteriorate over time. This causes the breast to droop.

Who Can Get Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery?

  • If your breasts no longer have fullness or form.
  • if your genitalia are downward.
  • if you have a growth that is out of proportion to your breasts in your areola (the black area around the nipple).
  • if your breasts don’t look exactly alike. one more drooping, one more upright, etc.
  • Despite the fact that every woman who sags is technically qualified for a breast lift procedure, it may be preferable to forego treatment owing to certain personal issues. For instance, if you’re thinking about getting pregnant in the future. This implies that it might lessen the operation’s future effectiveness.
  • If You Are Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is usually possible after a breast lift. However, it may be difficult to produce enough milk in some cases.

Is Breast Lift Operation Risky?

  • Scarring: It’s usual to have visible scars. Scarring is common in the areas that were cut for suturing. Nevertheless, a bra or bikini might conceal these scars. And fewer people will be visible in about two years.
  • Loss of Sensation: It’s usual to experience numbness after surgery. Following the surgery, it frequently vanishes. But rarely, it can be irrevocable. The erotic sense is not suppressed by a lack of emotion.
  • Breast asymmetry: It may occur as a result of changes to the healing process.
  • Breastfeeding difficulties: After a breast lift, breastfeeding is frequently not a difficulty. On rare occasions, nevertheless, there can be a lack of milk supply.
  • Additionally, like with any treatment, there is a potential of complications including bleeding and infection, albeit they are not particularly likely. It also depends on how sanitary the clinic you choose is.
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How To Prepare For Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery is carried out by a plastic surgeon. A review of your medical history will frequently occur at the beginning of the initial meeting. If you have any relatives with a history of breast cancer, you should mention it. If you have the results of a routine mammography, you should discuss them. You should inform your doctor about all of your drugs, even if they have nothing to do with breast health.

The doctor will then examine your breast to determine a treatment plan and your options. This means looking at your nipples’ size and location, among other things.

You can move on to the second phase if your examination at the first appointment went without a hitch. This comprises:

You must first undergo a mammogram. This includes taking a breast image. It is critical to comprehend whether a breast lift is problematic.

Avoid certain medicines: You should temporarily cease using the pharmaceuticals you currently use for a variety of reasons. You’ll learn more about these medications from your doctor. However, you should avoid anti-infectives and blood thinners, for instance.

You will need to travel to a hotel or your home after the treatment to recover, so you must have someone with you. You’ll need help getting around on your trip. After surgery, complete recovery takes several weeks. As a result, you need help getting dressed or taking a shower. You might require assistance with regular tasks like shampooing your hair.

After The Breast Lift Surgery

  • Your breasts will be bandaged with gauze following the procedure. Your chest will receive a localized drain at the same time to drain extra blood and fluid.
  • Your breasts will be fairly puffy and purple after the procedure for roughly two weeks. This is the amount of time needed for the edema to go away. But if you lose your ability to feel, it will only endure for a maximum of six months. It might even be permanent at times.
  • You will need to take the medications your doctor has given for a few days following the procedure. Edema will be eliminated and discomfort will be diminished thanks to this.
  • Do not force your body to move.
  • After a breast lift, wait at least two weeks before having sex

In Which Countries Can I Get Affordable Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery?

In nations including Turkey, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Mexico, Thailand, and England, breast lift surgery is available. We cannot, however, claim that all of these nations provide successful and reasonably priced breast lift surgery. While some of these nations provide effective breast lift surgeries, others provide low-cost options. We can select the best country by comparing the various nations.

To choose the best country, the country needs to have some factors.

  • Successful Surgeons
  • Hygienic Clinics
  • Affordable breast lift surgery
  • Use of advanced technology in medicine
  • Inexpensive for non-treatment expenses
  • Quality Treatment
Izmir Breast Augmentation Package Prices
TurkeyCzech RepublicCroatiaLithuaniaMexicoThailandEngland  
Successful Surgeons✓ XXX
Hygienic ClinicsXXXX
Affordable breast lift surgeryXXXXXX
Use of advanced technology in medicineXX
Inexpensive for non-treatment expensesXXXXX
Quality TreatmentX✓ XXX✓ 

How Do I Choose the Right Country for Breast Lift Surgery?

By reading the aforementioned points, you can choose a respectable country. It is challenging to find more than one component in many countries. As a result, we will keep writing about breast lift, which is advantageous in Turkey in every manner. To start, there are numerous effective treatments accessible in numerous countries. However, the patient also desires to receive appropriate therapy in addition to having a successful breast lift procedure. Although there are efficient treatments available in the UK, they are pricey. Additionally, Mexico offers reasonably priced medical care. The effectiveness of the therapy is not yet clear.

Can I Get A Successful Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery In Turkey?

Yes! One of the top five countries for medical tourism is Turkey. Getting a successful breast lift procedure is not too difficult in Turkey. But it goes further than that. It offers breast lift surgery that is both great and quite affordable. For instance, a one-week luxury vacation in Turkey and all breast lift surgery costs are only half as much as treatment in the UK.

Successful Surgeons: Every year, Turkish surgeons execute tens of thousands of breast augmentation procedures. This enables medical professionals to obtain practice in this procedure. The success of the operation is down to the doctor’s experience.

Clinics that emphasize cleanliness: Turks place a high value on cleanliness. This offers a clean environment, which is crucial in the health industry. The danger of infection for the patient after surgery is decreased by the constant cleanliness and hygienic conditions seen in clinics and hospitals.

Affordability: The Turkish Lira is extremely valuable (1 euro = 18 Turkish Lira). This guarantees that overseas patients can receive a very effective breast lift procedure at a very low cost.

Utilization of cutting-edge technology in medicine: As a developed nation in the area of health, it uses the most up-to-date medical technology equipment to treat patients. This raises the likelihood that the treatment will be effective while simultaneously lowering the danger.

Cost-effective for non-treatment costs: Contact Booking For Treatment if you wish to have breast lift surgery in Turkey. By taking advantage of the package prices, you can satisfy your needs for transportation and lodging without paying anything.

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery Prices In Turkey

Receiving services in dollars or euros is very affordable in Turkey. This also applies to the price of a breast lift procedure. As a result, the national average cost of a breast lift is merely 2,300 euros. This pricing is really affordable when compared to many other countries. We charge 1900 euros if you choose to have Booking For Tretment . We guarantee that you will pay the lowest possible price for treatment at the best clinics in Turkey.

How Long Is Recovery For Breast Lift

Patients often miss three to seven days of work. There are no restrictions after three weeks. The breasts typically take 6 to 12 weeks to reach their final shape. Since one of the main issues with mastopexy is scar quality, we have a specific approach for breast scars.

Do You Get Scars From A Breast Lift?

While the incision(s) are tiny, the breast lift scars will be highly visible, with a red, elevated look. As the wound heals, the scar will become pink, then white, and flatten out so it is no longer elevated.

Can A Breast Lift Be Done Twice?

What is a revision breast lift procedure? In order to correct sagging or drooping, breast lift surgery raises and tightens the breasts. After the initial procedure, the breasts may change over time, requiring a second surgery, often known as a revision.

Breast prosthesis Prices in Turkey

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