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What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss may develop over time, seasonally, as a result of stress, or due to genetics. Women can have hair transplant procedures, even though this is a problem that primarily affects men. Treatments for hair loss involve transplanting hair follicles that do not have a propensity to fall out to the area where hair loss is present.

Hair follicles that don’t typically shed are gathered and sent to the area where hair loss occurs. In the nape region, rotating hair is most prevalent. In addition to making a person look unattractive, hair loss frequently leads to psychological issues because it makes a person appear older than their peers. Consequently, receiving hair transplant procedures is crucial. Effects could include donning a hat or avoiding social situations with their peers. Before these begin to occur, sowing treatment must be applied. If not, it can be necessary to undergo psychological treatments that are challenging to manage.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Although there are often no special conditions for getting hair transplant treatment, you can understand whether you are suitable or not;

  • If you have completed your physical development,
  • If you do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation,
  • If there are enough and suitable hair follicles in the donor area on your head,
  • If there is a suitable space in the area to be transplanted, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.
  • Hair transplant operation is not only for male pattern hair loss; It is also successfully applied to local cavities that may occur as a result of various diseases, scars, burn scars, surgical sutures.
  • Hair transplantation is also successfully applied in women. Considering the size of the bald area, especially in women, unshaven transplantation is also performed.
  • You can have a preliminary interview with our doctor as soon as possible and have a hair analysis.
  • Your doctor will tell you what you should pay attention to after hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Risk?

If received from experts in hygienic clinics, hair transplant treatments are incredibly successful. The likelihood of encountering a risk is typically very low. The clinic you select will, of course, have a significant impact on your likelihood of experiencing these hazards. Patients should therefore receive care in reputable clinics. if not, there are risks that could happen;

  • Operations performed by non-specialists cause serious allergic disorders in the patient.
  • Edema may occur in the hair transplantation area or in the part designated as a donor.
  • Since hair transplantation is an operation performed with anesthesia, permanent damage and discomfort may occur as a result of an unconscious mistake.
  • The patient may experience pain after hair transplantation.
  • There may be bleeding in the operated areas. Bleeding from open wounds can be a serious problem.
  • Hair follicles should be planted at a right angle during transplantation. Otherwise, an uneven hair structure may occur.
  • Failure to follow expert advice after hair transplantation may pose serious problems.

How long do I have to be careful after hair transplant?

Hair transplant treatment is very important treatment. For this reason, you need to take care of it for at least 6 months. It is important to avoid direct sunlight for the first 2 weeks after the operation. In addition, it is important to wear a hat while under the sun for the first 6 months.

When can I touch my transplanted hair?

Immediately after the treatment, your scalp will be itchy and a little patchy. Therefore, the desire to touch your scalp will be very high. However, you should still do your best not to touch the area for the first three days after treatment. After 72 hours you should only touch your scalp very gently.

How long does it take for your head to look normal after hair transplant?

Getting results after hair transplant treatment is a process that varies from patient to patient. While some patients see results in a shorter time, some patients may take a little longer to see results. Most patients see results six to nine months after surgery. In some patients it takes 12 months. It is important to know that the transplanted hair will fall out two to eight weeks after the surgery.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Kuwait

Learn about Kuwait’s healthcare system before deciding to receive hair transplant therapy there. First off, Kuwait’s health infrastructure is regrettably woefully deficient despite the fact that the country is still under development. Since state hospitals are unable to offer proper care, many treatments are preferred in private hospitals. Additionally, for the simplest illustration, at many hospitals in Kuwait, you must pay different fees for each test as well as hospital registration.

The expense of the treatment is hence very considerable. In other words, hospitals don’t operate to treat patients; they do it for financial gain. Finally, you should be aware that Kuwait has quite long wait periods. You cannot choose public hospitals in Kuwait for hair transplant procedure. This treatment is not offered in public institutions. Private hospitals will demand thousands of euros from you in addition to telling you to expect a protracted wait. Because of this, Kuwaitis frequently favor different nations for hair transplant surgeries and other medical procedures.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in the Kuwait

Given the shortcomings of Kuwait’s healthcare system, it is only natural for patients in need of care to look for the best hospital. You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that patients can receive hair transplant treatments in nations other than Kuwait. Because the greatest hospitals in Kuwait will cost you tens of thousands of euros to employ their services. Would it be worthwhile, in your opinion? While there are places that are both economical and very successful at hair transplant procedures, receiving care in Kuwait can be both expensive and risky. But if you insist on hearing the names of specific clinics, the most popular ones include.

  1. Baday Hair Center
  2. Padra Clinic
  3. Gulf Gate Hair Fixing
Hair Transplant before after

Hair Transplantation Treatment Prices in Kuwait

Treatments for hair transplantation are relatively expensive in Kuwait. Therefore, you should be aware that Kuwait has a high cost of living before getting an overview of costs. Unfortunately, the inadequate infrastructure system, along with the scarcity of doctors, prevents patients from receiving successful treatments. In addition, the costs are very high. The least amount you will pay to have treatment in a reputable facility in Kuwait is 9.500€.
Although this price is the greatest, it is still adequate for the therapies you can receive without endangering your life. It can cost up to 11,500 Euros if you want it to seem fully natural and healthy.

Is Kuwait Successful in Hair Transplantation?

Sadly, it is not possible to declare that Kuwait has a successful track record with hair transplant surgeries. Kuwait, Patients will have to wait a very long time and will incur very expensive fees due to the inadequacy of the healthcare system and the waiting periods. They will not, however, be provided with any assurances regarding the efficacy of the treatments. because hair transplant procedures are not typically chosen medical procedures in Kuwait.

Doctors are now more inexperienced in this discipline as a result of this. Getting hair transplant treatments in Kuwait might be quite unsuccessful because they also demand a lot of skill. Because of all these factors, Kuwaitis favor various nations not just for hair transplant procedures but also for a variety of other diagnoses and treatments. In addition to failing health infrastructure, its high costs make it inaccessible for people to receive treatment in hospitals in their countries.

Best Country to Get Hair Transplant Treatment

We provided comprehensive information on hair transplant procedures in addition to details on Kuwait’s health system and its success with hair transplant procedures. Patients may have thought about relocating abroad as a result of all of this. Therefore, which nations should be chosen?

You are already aware that there is a top nation for hair transplant procedures. Turkey. Turkey attracts patients from all over the world for hair transplant procedures by providing the best hair transplant care at the most competitive pricing.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Turkey

For many years, Turkey has been acknowledged as the global leader in hair transplant procedures. Surgeons are very skilled in hair transplant procedures in this country, where highly effective therapies are performed. The first key to my success is also a result of this experience. Additionally, the fact that treatments are very affordable in comparison to many other nations makes it a popular choice for treatments. But you ought to be aware. Of course, there are certain nations that offer hair transplant treatments at a cost that is practically as low as Turkey.

However, why Turkey as the capital? because the procedures for hair transplants are very crucial and rigorous. Unfortunately, proper hygiene and care cannot be provided for treatments in other nations that offer healthcare at reasonable costs, like Turkey. Treatments fail as a result of this. Patients are happy to have treatments in reputable nations where they have a good chance of success for this reason. Otherwise, it is feasible to receive treatment in India for a low cost, but you will pay a price in your health.

Hair Transplant Treatment Price in Turkey

You should be aware that the price of hair loss treatments varies. There are variables that lead to variations in hair transplant procedures not just in Turkey but also in many other countries;

  • The size of the area to be planted
  • Hair Transplantation Surgeon’s Experience
  • Location of the Hair Transplantation Clinic
  • Number of grafts to be transplanted

With all of these considerations, prices are frequently very high.
With our extensive knowledge, we make sure that you receive the greatest care from the most accomplished surgeons so that you can avoid all of this and receive treatment at the most affordable rates. In addition, we offer treatment for a single cost without taking any of these aspects into account. One price, an infinite amount of grafts!
At the same time, we offer services to minimize your additional costs to a minimum with the package rates we have for lodging, transportation, and numerous tests needed in the hospital;

Our Treatment Price is 1,350€
Our Treatment Package Price is 1.650€
Services included in the package;

  • Full day transplant treatment in hospital
  • prp treatment
  • Medications
  • Shampoo set
  • 2 Day Accommodation in a 5-star
  • airport transfers
  • PCR testing
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Advantages of Getting Hair Transplantation Treatment in Turkey

Selecting Turkey for hair transplantation may have several benefits. You can save up to 80% on your treatments. Compared to many other countries, the success of your therapies will be more assured. because hair transplant surgery has been practiced for many years by Turkish surgeons. However, the plantings, which will be made particularly around the beginning of the front hairline, will appear quite natural.

Treatments for hair transplants will include sessions that last for many days. You would therefore need to stay in Turkey for a few days in order to fulfill your basic demands. In comparison to other nations, you spend less money on non-therapeutic necessities in Turkey because of the country’s cheap cost of living.

Finally, you have a full year in Turkey to transform your medical procedures into a vacation. It is a popular vacation spot for both summer and winter because of its climate. This enables people to travel to Turkey at any time and obtain medical care there.

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