Non-Surgical Weight Loss Methods

I Can’t Lose Weight

Weight loss frequently fails. Numerous attempts at dieting can end in failure. This circumstance is entirely typical. To be honest, there are certainly meals that are delicious but harmful. However, eating is a behavior that brings happiness to people. Given all of this, it follows that losing weight is by no means simple. But that does not imply that it cannot be done. You can lose weight incredibly quickly if you follow the appropriate diet and exercise regimen.

The inability to reduce weight is frequently a genetic or individual issue. You can read the rest of the article to learn more about the circumstances that make it difficult for certain people to lose weight. The following circumstances make it very challenging to lose weight. Of course, there is a cure for all these. By reading our content, you will understand that losing weight will be easier than ever before

How Do I Calculate My Ideal Weight?

It is also known by side terms such as body mass index, body mass index, height weight index. The shortest and most easily calculated formula known is as follows; is your weight divided by the square meters of your height. Assuming your weight is 100 kilos and your height is 1.80; You can apply the formula 100 / 1.80 m2

Normal values ​​of the index vary with age.

19-24 Years: 19-24 BMI
Ages 25-34: 20-25 BMI
Ages 35-44: 21-26 BMI
Ages 45-54: 22-27 BMI
Ages 55-64: 23-28 BMI
Age 65 and over: 24-29 BMI

Meaning of Body Mass Index Value

  • 0-18.4: People are weak. Weight is considered insufficient for height. Weight gain is expected within the framework of the program to be prepared together with the dietitian.
  • 18.5-24.9: Normal value. People are at ideal weight. It is recommended to have a regular, balanced and healthy diet and to include exercise in the routine of life.
  • 25-29.9: Overweight value. People’s weight is higher than their height. In the company of a dietitian, studies should be carried out for people to lose weight, and plenty of sports should be recommended.
  • 30-34.9: These people, who are considered obese, are in the range of obesity values. The weight of the people is at a level that may pose a risk. Weight loss is recommended.
  • 35-44.9: Second degree obese people are at risk of heart disease. People need to lose weight. In this regard, it is important that they create a program together with the dietitian.
  • 45+: People who are overweight are third degree obese. These people, who have a very high risk of disease, should undergo health screening under the control of a doctor and dietitian and lose weight.
after Gastric Sleeve diet

What is the best weight loss without surgery?

Weight gain and loss is often a problem for everyone. However, in some cases it is a big problem for people. In such cases, patients consider surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. Although it is possible to lose weight with non-surgical options most of the time, all necessary diets must be applied and patients must be under expert control in order to be effective.

What can I do instead of weight loss surgery?

For slimming surgeries, the body mass index of the patients should be at least 35. In this case, not everyone who wants to lose weight is already suitable for treatment. In addition, non-surgical weight loss methods may include stomach botox or gastric balloon. Such methods allow the patient to lose weight with small interventions without incisions or stitches. If you want to learn more about these treatments, you can continue reading our content.

Is weight loss Possible Without surgery?

Losing weight can often be quite difficult. It can be difficult to lose weight with both the metabolic rate of the patients and the irregular diet. Sometimes it’s genetic. We can say this without thinking about all this. Although it is difficult to lose weight, sometimes it becomes easier and indispensable to lose weight with small interventions. Because excess weight causes lubrication in the internal organs over time and reduces the comfort of life. Therefore, it is important to lose weight. You can learn more about non-surgical weight loss methods by continuing to read our content.

What is the fastest procedure to lose weight?

Although the important things for rapid weight loss are a good diet and exercise, of course, sometimes these just don’t work. In such cases, it is possible to lose weight with gastric botox or gastric balloon treatment. Gasric balloon and gastric botox involve minor operations on the patient’s stomach without the need for surgery or stitches. You can continue reading our content to get detailed information about these processes.

non surgical weight loss options

As mentioned above, it is often difficult to lose weight due to metabolic rate or genes. In such cases, gastric balloon and gastric botox procedures are the first remedy;

Non Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

Patients with weight issues often favor gastric balloon therapy for weight loss. Balloon treatments are one of the most popular weight loss techniques. It is a procedure in which salt water is pumped into a stomach balloon. People who receive these treatments for their weight issues do not feel hungry as a result of the stomach balloon. It gets simpler for them to diet as a result. This results in immediate weight loss. Patients who follow the appropriate precautions can get excellent results, despite the fact that mistakes are frequently made because they believe that therapies alone would result in weight loss.

Non Surgical Weight Loss Botox

People who are not overweight but struggle to lose weight despite wanting to do so choose the seemingly magical weight loss treatment known as stomach botox. The fact that you start losing weight right away is not the miracle in this situation. You should be aware of this. You can lose weight quite easily thanks to it. Your stomach’s thick lower muscles receive an injection of stomach botox. As a result, your food is digested over a much longer period of time, and you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. With a dietitian’s assistance, you can easily reach your desired body weight during this phase.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Non-Surgical Methods?

How much weight loss patients experience with gastric botox or gastric balloon is highly variable. It is possible to see 30% or more weight loss in some patients. The important thing here is that the patients adhere to the diet and eat regularly after the treatment. Otherwise, you should not expect good results from the treatments.

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