Obesity Centres in Turkey

Is being obese synonymous with being overweight? both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ Although many people only associate obesity with being overweight, it actually encompasses hundreds of various disorders. What then is obesity? Does obesity have a treatment? Is it feasible to treat obesity without surgery?

What is Obesity?

Along with being overweight, obesity is an illness that affects numerous important organs, particularly the heart. To elaborate, obesity is a condition where a person’s height and body weight are not in proportion to one another. This is discovered via a BMI calculation. Along with being overweight, obesity is an illness that affects numerous important organs, particularly the heart. To elaborate, obesity is a condition where a person’s height and body weight are not in proportion to one another. This is discovered via a BMI calculation. For this, you can use the calculation below. The table below includes a BMI calculation as well as information on your obesity stage and the treatment you should receive.

BMI Calculator

Weight: 85kg
Height: 158 cm

Formula: weight ÷ height² = BMI
Example : 85 ÷158² = 34

What are Obesity Treatments?

Each patient’s weight reduction treatment regimen must be unique. Gastric sleeve may be necessary after gastric balloon treatment, while this is occasionally doable with stomach botox and diet. The rest of our content contains more specific information about therapies. To give a basic overview, however, weight loss treatment entails:

  • Gastric Balloon: Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss treatment with 12 months, 6 months and smart gastric balloon treatments.
  • Stomach Botox: This treatment is suitable for patients who expect less weight loss without experiencing any side effects or pain. It is not a surgical procedure.
  • Gastric Sleeve: Gastric Sleeve includes the reduction of patients’ stomach. It is a radical treatment and it is not possible to return to gray.
  • Gastric bypass: It involves reducing the stomach of patients, such as gastric sleeve surgery. It also includes processing in the large intestine. It is suitable for patients with higher BMI compared to Gastric Sleeve treatment.

Who Is Obesity Treatments Suitable For?

BMI ClassificationWhat Treatments Can You Consider?
underweight (< 18.5)The BMI value indicates that it is quite small. For this reason, you should gain weight with the support of an expert. Otherwise, being too thin will also cause health problems.
normal weight (18.5 – 24.9)This indicates that you do not have any weight problems. Therefore, it is sufficient to maintain your body weight.
overweight (25.0 – 29.9)If your BMI is in these ranges, you need some help. You can get help from an expert dietitian.
class I obesity (30.0 – 34.9)You definitely need a cure. It will be appropriate to lose weight with Gastric Balloon or stomach botox treatment.
class II obesity (35.0 – 39.9)This indicates that you have a serious surplus. You probably have health problems like sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes. For this reason, you may consider getting gastric sleeve treatment.
class III obesity (≥ 40.0)That’s quite a BMI. Although you are suitable for Gastric Sleeve treatment, Gastric bypass will be more effective for you.
Obesity centres in Turkey

What treatments are available in Obesity Centers?

The world uses weight loss procedures and therapies from Turkey Obesity Centers. Despite the fact that several of these therapies, including gastric banding, are included here, the Turkey Obesity Centers where we offer treatment only offer the following procedures:

Stomach Botox

First off, it needs to be understood that stomach botox is not a method of treating obesity. It is a treatment offered in obesity centers, as was already explained. The most popular non-surgical weight loss technique is stomach botox, which is also a weight loss treatment. Botox for the stomach slows down the stomach muscles to facilitate weight loss in patients. In this instance, patients take a lot longer to digest their food. This results in a significant weight loss when combined with the patient’s healthy diet and minimal calorie intake.

Gastric Balloon

With the help of a gastric balloon, patients can lose weight without undergoing surgery or stomach botox. It should be understood that, despite its potential for use in the treatment of obesity, this is not always possible. Inflating the surgical balloon implanted in the patient’s stomach is known as gastric balloon. The patient’s stomach feels full after inflating this balloon, which also curbs their appetite. Weight loss is inevitable with the required diet and exercise.

Gastric Sleeve

Most of the patient’s stomach is removed during a gastric sleeve procedure. This involves surgery. As previously indicated, individuals with BMI 35 and significant health issues also favor sleeve gastrectomy treatment, despite the fact that it is suitable for those with BMI 40 and above. Over time, obesity sufferers’ stomachs enlarge due to their eating habits. Patients can also lose weight after surgery thanks to the shrinkage of the expanding stomach over time.

Naturally, patients should drastically alter their diet after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It should be understood that this eating behavior should last a lifetime. Otherwise, it’s feasible to put on weight once more, and digestive issues are a given.

Gastric Bypass

In a gastric bypass, the stomach is reduced, much like in a sleeve gastrectomy. The bypass treatment also results in more significant modifications in the patient’s digestive system. The small intestine undergoes several procedures in addition to the stomach shrinking. In this instance, the patients’ altered digestive systems enable quicker and more successful weight loss.

Although it’s crucial for individuals to have a BMI of at least 40 in order to undergo gastric bypass surgery, it’s also crucial to get checked out before beginning any type of treatment. Smaller amounts can be given to the patient by gastric bypass, which also involves the reduction of the stomach and a surgery on the intestines. This allows the calories from the food to be evacuated from the body without being digested.

Advantages of Getting Treatment in Turkey Obesity Centers

You should be aware that there are several benefits to receiving treatment at an obesity center in Turkey. Because of Turkey’s geographic position, obesity centers there have several advantages. You will benefit from Turkey’s low cost of living and extremely high exchange rate in the following ways:

  • Cheap Treatment Costs
  • High purchasing power
  • High success rates in obesity treatment
  • Treatment without waiting lists
  • Easily planned accommodation and transfer services

At the same time, obesity is currently the most prevalent ailment, and Turkey is widely chosen for health tourism. Fast food consumption is growing, and so is the demand for operations to treat obesity. As a result of the competition between Turkey’s obesity treatment facilities, this circumstance also offers affordable prices.

Gastric Balloon

Best Turkey Obesity Centers

The same benefits and hazards apply to obesity centers in Turkey. You should keep in mind, nonetheless, that getting treatment in the Best Turkey Obesity Centers will be simpler than in other nations. The way is? Obesity treatment facilities in Turkey are frequently chosen for medical travel. Your advantage in this situation comes from the expertise of Turkish obesity treatment facilities.

In any event, it would be incorrect to refer to a particular facility as one of the Best Turkey Obesity Centers. Since there are obesity centers in numerous provinces around Turkey, the success rates of these facilities will range depending on which cities they are situated in. You can get detailed information about Turkey Obesity Centers and treatment prices by continuing to read our content.

Turkey Obesity Treatment Prices

Turkey The cost of treating obesity varies greatly. The cost of receiving the same weight loss therapies in various obesity clinics will vary, and there are distinctions between surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures. This is dependent on the caliber of the unique tools and supplies used in bariatric surgery and on how well-known the Obesity Center is.

For instance, the price difference between two obesity centers in Turkey using identical-quality components for gastric bypass will depend on the center’s notoriety. Getting accurate price information in this situation will put you at a distinct edge. Booking For Treatment is aware that seeking medical care abroad of your home country can be unsettling. Therefore, thanks to Our Mission, we ensure that you get the best prices in the best Obesity centers.

Istanbul Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve1.900€
Gastric Bypass2.350€
Gastric Botox850€
Gastric Balloon1.400€

Izmir Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.250€
Gastric Bypass2.800€
Gastric Botox950€
Gastric Balloon1.550€

Antalya Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.150€
Gastric Bypass2.450€
Gastric Botox950€
Gastric Balloon1.900€

Kusadasi Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.180€
Gastric Bypass2.550€
Gastric Botox850€
Gastric Balloon1.400€

Alanya Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.250€
Gastric Bypass2.850€
Gastric Botox750€
Gastric Balloon1.800€

Didim Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.350€
Gastric Bypass2.800€
Gastric Botox950€
Gastric Balloon1.550€
Gastric Sleeve Costs in Istanbul- Best Prices

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