Stomach Botox in Romania- Bucharest

What is Stomach Botox?

People who are not obese but who weigh 10 to 20 kg more than they should are are good candidates for stomach botox. This non-surgical operation is carried out using the endoscopic technique. It excludes amputations and sutures.

A tiny tube that extends from the mouth to the stomach is used to administer general anesthetic and put the patient to sleep. A portion of the stomach’s muscles receive an injection of botox. In this technique, the stomach muscles are intended to be momentarily paralyzed. The person loses weight because non-working muscles empty the food that enters the stomach later and provide a feeling of fullness for a longer time with less food.

Who Can Have Stomach Botox?

Anyone who wants to lose weight can use stomach Botox. However, there are some patient eligibility requirements that can be used. If you meet these requirements and are thinking of having stomach botox surgery, you are eligible.

• If you cannot lose weight properly with diet and exercise
• If your body mass index is below 40.

Stomach Botox in Romania

The cost of stomach Botox in Romania is really high. It’s unclear if it’s worth the money. A dietician visit is required following therapy. Additionally, it is rather pricey. Numerous individuals seeking treatment in Romania are receiving it abroad as medical tourists. Romanians who desire to receive medical care in another country most often choose Turkey.

Stomach Botox Prices in Romania

Stomach botox prices in Romania are quite high. The treatment price alone is around 7000 euros on average.

Why Do People Go to Turkey from Romania for Stomach Botox?

Affordable TreatmentsGetting medical care in Turkey is really convenient. The cost of the therapies for patients traveling to Turkey is quite low due to the high exchange rate.
Successful TreatmentsTurkish people place a high value on hygiene and cleanliness. The healthcare industry must address this critical issue. The success rate of treatments is closely correlated with how hygienic and clean they are applied. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to argue that the therapies you receive in Turkish clinics cannot fail for this reason.
Turkey’s Position in Health TourismPatients who desire to travel to Turkey from Romania are impacted by the fact that thousands of health tourists from around the world travel to Turkey and obtain beneficial treatments. Every year, the success of medical tourism in Turkey increases. For patients who desire to receive treatment, this is encouraging.
Close to TurkeyRomanians can go to Turkey relatively easily. By plane, it only takes one hour and thirty minutes. The cost of airline tickets is likewise relatively low. Travel can be had for roughly 100 euros.
Low Non-Treatment CostsThe costs you incur in Turkey, excluding medical care, will be relatively minimal. Because of the low cost of living and the favorable exchange rate, the price of necessities is also quite low.
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Romania VS Turkey

Affordable Treatments7.000 euros820 euros
Successful TreatmentsAs long as treatment is taken in a good clinic, the probability of success can be high.It offers the most successful treatments not only in Romania but among many countries.
ClinicsRequires research to find good ClinicsThere are many high-quality clinics. Access to these clinics is quite easy.
DoctorsIt is not easy to reach a specialist doctor.Doctors are experts and experienced people in their field. Reaching doctors is quite easy.

How can I get Stomach Botox done in Turkey?

In Turkey, getting stomach Botox is very simple. You just need to locate a clinic. After that, you must reserve a hotel room and buy a plane ticket. Or, he can call us and schedule a date rather than dealing with everything. Only by purchasing an airline ticket are you able to attend. We pay for all of your accommodation, transportation, and medical expenditures.

Stomach Botox Price in Turkey

In comparison to Romania, stomach botox procedures are very affordable throughout. But as Booking For Treatment, we offer our services for less than the going rate. The clinics we partner with provide us preferential rates so that you can receive treatment. The pricing will be higher when you call the same clinic. With Booking For Treatment, you can, nevertheless, receive discounted service. The cost for just stomach botox is 900 euros. The cost of the package is 1200 euros. Services covered by the all-inclusive price:

  • Transfers between hotel, airport, clinic
  • 2 day accommodation in first class hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Nurse Service

Frequently asked Questions

How Long Does the Stomach Botox Process Take

  • After stomach botok application, appetite control is provided for 3 days.
  • It is applied endoscopically.
  • The procedure takes an average of 20 minutes.
  • During the procedure, patients are put to sleep.
  • No hospitalization required.
  • 1-2 hours of observation is sufficient after the procedure.

Do You Need to Stay in the Hospital?

Patients do not need to stay in the hospital in stomach botox treatment. The treatment will take 20 minutes. The patient can leave the hospital immediately after the treatment.

Does Stomach Botox Cause Permanent Damage to the Stomach?

The human body is completely compatible with the substance known as Botox. Patients who are not allergic to Botox do not have any issues when it is injected to the body. And it takes no longer than six months for the body to totally eliminate it. Patients with botox allergies, however, should categorically avoid choosing this surgery.

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Does Stomach Botox Cause Intestinal Laziness?

Only the smooth muscles of the stomach are treated with stomach botox. Bowel movements are unaffected. It does not result in intestinal laziness because of this. The patient should speak with a dietician and adhere to a nutrition plan following the application. By consuming therapeutic meals, this avoids issues for people who have intestinal laziness.

Is Stomach Botox a Painful Procedure?

No. The patient will be asleep during the stomach botox therapy. Because of this, he won’t feel any discomfort. When the anaesthetic wears off, the operation won’t hurt because there aren’t any incisions or stitches.

How to Calculate Body Mass Index?

It is found by dividing the person’s weight (kg) by the square of their height (m2).
For example: A person is 112 kilos and height, 165
165×165= 27.225
112: 27225 = 41

Are There Any Side Effects of Stomach Botox?

There are no documented negative effects of stomach botox. It is an item that works perfectly with the body. However, patients should disclose to their doctor if they have any type of muscular illness or an allergy to botox.

When Does Stomach Botox Effect Start?

Within three days, your hunger starts to decline. Maximum 2 weeks will pass before you see any real weight loss. After that, you start to lose a lot of weight, dropping an increasing amount of weight each week.

How Much Weight Loss With Stomach Botox?

From person to person, this could differ. Age, gender, metabolic rate, and physical activity all affect it differently. However, on average, you will lose between 10 and 20 kg from your body weight.

Can I Have Stomach Botox During Pregnancy?

There has not been enough research on pregnancy and lactation periods.

Is stomach botox safe?

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