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What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty treatments are preferred if the patients do not like their nose or if there is a problem with nasal function. Treatment involves changing the appearance and function of the nose. For this reason, it is among the aesthetic treatments preferred by many patients. If you are planning to have Rhinoplasty surgery with you, you can read our content. Thus, you can get more detailed information about rhinoplasty and Turkey rhinoplasty prices.

Why Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Patients who want to receive rhinoplasty treatment may have more than one reason. These reasons include: Difficulty breathing, a broken nose or a crooked nose. Patients may prefer rhinoplasty treatments to have a better nose appearance as well as for treatment purposes.

Rhinoplasty Surgery benefits

Rhinoplasty surgery, as previously mentioned, involves procedures that enhance both look and respiration. The patient; as a result of these operations

  • Psychological benefits; Patients may feel self-conscious or ashamed of the way their nose looks. These can significantly impact his social life, which might lead to despair. The patient can simply resolve all of these issues thanks to USA rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Breathing Advantage: USA Rhinoplasty Surgery can occasionally help patients who are unable to breathe. Dry mouth, snoring when sleeping, and other issues related to breathing can all be brought on by breathing issues. These can all be fully fixed with just one operation.
  • Benefits in terms of appearance: Despite having very proportionate faces, many patients do not feel attractive when wearing nasal swabs. If it is aesthetically pleasing and attracts positive comments from others around it, the patient will feel happy.
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Rhinoplasty Surgery Risks

Rhinoplasty is possible with an operation that completely opens our nose. Of course, as with any surgery, there may be some risks. These risks include;

  • Difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Permanent numbness in and around your nose
  • The possibility of an uneven-looking nose
  • Pain, discoloration or swelling that may persist
  • scarring
  • A hole in the septum
  • A need for additional surgery
  • bleed
  • Infection
  • An adverse reaction to the anesthesia

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Your nose will be very sensitive after rhinoplasty. For this reason, of course, there are some things you should pay attention to after the treatment;

  • After surgery, you need to keep your head up to reduce bleeding and swelling.
  • Your doctor will place a tampon in the nose to prevent bleeding. This tampon will stay in your nose for about 1 week on average.
  • In some cases, a splint may be worn for protection.
  • If you plan to take a shower, you should definitely have a bandage on your nose.
  • Brush your teeth gently to limit the movement of your upper lip.
  • Do not wear glasses or sunglasses after surgery to avoid putting pressure on your nose.
  • When outside, use SPF 30 sunscreen, especially on your nose. Too much sun can cause permanent discoloration of the skin of your nose.
  • Press your nose with ice or a cold pack after surgery.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

If you are planning to have rhinoplasty in Turkey, this will be the right decision. Because rhinoplasty is among the aesthetic treatments. This greatly increases the cost of rhinoplasty treatment. You can also contact us to get affordable rhinoplasty treatment. You can get affordable rhinoplasty treatment in every city of Turkey. Besides, getting rhinolasty treatment in Turkey will be very successful.

Turkey is a very successful city in the field of health. For this reason, the number of experienced operators is high. Would you also like to receive Rhinoplasty treatment in Turkey? For more information about Rhinoplasty, just send me a message!

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Is it Risky to Get Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Getting rhinoplasty treatment in Turkey is quite the right decision! Some countries publish negative blog posts for Turkey, which is developed in the field of health tourism. If you have read one of these, you may be hesitant to get aesthetic treatment in Turkey. However, you should know that Turkey provides more successful treatments in the field of health than many countries.

Therefore, it is possible to get extremely successful results. If we look at the risks of getting rhinoplasty in Turkey, it is possible to see some risks that are not serious as in every country. Apart from this, it does not pose any extra risk. It is possible to receive very successful treatment in Turkey.

What Factors Affect Turkey Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty in the USA and Turkey is influenced by the type of nose, the surgeon’s training, the clinic and hospital where the procedure is carried out, and any issues with the nose.

Kind of nose: The type of nose is crucial for rhinoplasty. You should prepare to spend more money on these types because, for instance, rhinoplasty is more difficult on fat noses with thin skin.

Surgeon: It goes without saying that more experienced surgeons charge more than less experienced surgeons, thus you should expect to pay more for rhinoplasty with these Turkish specialists.

Hospital and clinic: Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is typically carried out in clinics and hospitals. We select the most reputable facilities and offer the greatest care, although rhinoplasty in hospitals will cost you more. Turkey Surgery for rhinoplasty is performed for a number of medical conditions. Disorders are quite common issues that increase the complexity and difficulty of rhinoplasty. Expect to pay more for rhinoplasty in Turkey if you have a particular nose or sinus issue.

Why is Turkey Rhinoplasty Surgery Cheap?

Based on the quantity of rhinoplasty procedures carried out annually, Turkey has earned the moniker “rhinoplasty capital” in recent years. As a result of this demand, numerous surgeons and medical professionals in Turkey have started to create clinics and increase their understanding of the various kinds of rhinoplasty. Because of this, surgeons can compete.

As a result, Turkey is home to a large number of expert rhinoplasty surgeons who are all competing for patients by offering high-quality procedures at competitive prices. Things are a little different for a foreign patient in Turkey; The biggest factor in Turkey’s inexpensive rhinoplasty costs is the country’s favorable exchange rate; In fact, Turkey rhinoplasty surgery prices are lower than in other countries, and so are the costs of surgery and treatment.

Why Do People Come to Turkey for Rhinoplasty?

Turkey started actively promoting medical travel in 2012, and since then, great progress has been made. One of the most well-liked locations worldwide for rhinoplasty surgery is Turkey. Aside from the low cost, Turkey has become a well-liked tourism destination in recent years, so you may enjoy the scenery while having your rhinoplasty there.

The world-class infrastructure, which includes hotels, airports, and transportation, as well as renowned plastic surgeons and top-notch services, are the main factors that influence patients’ decisions to travel to Turkey. In order to draw in more patients, Turkish surgeons have recently used social media extensively.

The success of Turkish plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasty operations benefits both the nation’s economy and the field of medicine. Additionally, the cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is unmatched in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Turkey Rhinoplasty Surgery Price

One of the most important factors to consider before having rhinoplasty in Turkey is cost. Best price The average cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey starts from 1900 Euros. Patients planning to travel outside of Turkey should factor in additional travel expenses to the cost of the rhinoplasty procedure. But with our all-inclusive rhinoplasty turkey packages, you won’t have to worry about any additional costs. You can get detailed information about rhinoplasty package prices in Turkey by continuing to read our content.

Turkey Rhinoplasty Package Prices

Rhinoplasty package prices are quite variable. Prices will vary between hospitals. Therefore, it would not be correct to give an exact price. However, if you need to look at the average package prices will start at € 2,300. The services included in this are:

  • VIP transportation services
  • Accommodation in a 4 or 5 star hotel
  • Hospitalization