What Is The Most Popular Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight loss surgeries are the treatments frequently preferred by obesity patients. These treatments make it easier for the patients to lose weight with the changes made in the stomach. Patients begin to receive support from a dietitian after weight loss. Thus, the diet with the shrinking stomach gives the best results and the patient reaches his ideal weight. If you cannot lose weight, you can consider bariatric surgery. Thus, both healthy and rapid weight loss is possible.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve involves the reduction of the patient’s stomach by 80%. During the operation, a tube is placed in the stomach of the patient. This inserted tube is in the shape of a banana. The stomach is sutured by aligning this tube, which extends down from the beginning of the stomach. Most of it is removed from the body. Thus, the patient now has a smaller stomach.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass treatment significantly changes the stomach of patients, while reducing their small intestine. This connects the small intestine to the stomach, which then shrinks: Thus, the patient can tolerate fewer portions with a smaller stomach, while the stomach is directly connected to the small intestine, allowing patients to quickly remove nutrients from the body.

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Gastric Band

Gastric band involves placing a clamp on the stomach of patients. The aim here is to narrow the stomach. The gastric band, which was very popular for a while, is unfortunately not made in Turkey at the moment. We do not recommend gastric band treatment because of its many side effects.

Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch involves combining gastric bypass and gastric sleeve therapy. A part of the patient’s stomach is removed with the Duodenal Switch. The small intestine is then connected directly to the shrinking stomach. In this case, of course, while the patient reaches a feeling of fullness quickly with fewer portions, calorie absorption decreases as the food does not stay in the stomach for a long time. In this case, it is possible to see weight loss.

Which Bariatric Surgery Has The Best Success Rate?

Each treatment will provide different weight loss. Therefore, patients should make a good decision. The average weight loss of patients after treatment will be as follows;

  • 50% after gastric band surgery
  • 50-60% after gastric sleeve surgery
  • 60-70% after gastric bypass surgery
  • 50-60% after Duodenal Switch surgery

As mentioned above, the rates are different. For this reason, gastric bypass is attractive to many patients, but among them, the most invasive treatment is gastric bypass.

Therefore, patients should read our content in detail and make the right decision about the best treatment. Otherwise, these irreversible treatments may also cause regret to the patient. You can also contact us for consultation before you decide which treatment to receive. Our doctors will offer the best treatment for you.

Which Gastric Surgery Has Best Results?

As mentioned above, there are different results for each weight loss treatment. In addition, the effect of each treatment on the patient is different. For this reason, hatsas should choose the best treatment according to their own health problems. But if you’re wondering about the best treatment, the gastric sleeve may be the answer. Because gastric sleeve treatment involves removing 80% of the patients’ stomach.

No other action is required. Thus, patients can survive the surgery with the least risk ratio. Thus, if they stick to the diet, they can lose weight. When other treatments are evaluated, the risks and complication rates will be higher.

Weight Loss Surgery

What Weight Loss Surgery Has The Fastest Results?

Gastric bypass will give the fastest result among the weight loss surgeries listed above. Gastric byass will be directly excreted from the body with food, as it makes changes in the small intestine of the patients along with the reduction of the stomach. In this case, of course, the fastest result will be possible. You can also get the fastest result by taking gastric bypass treatment.

What Is The Safest Type Of Weight Loss Surgery?

One of the most reliable bariatric surgeries is gastric sleeve treatment. Gastric sleeve has rarer complications compared to the risk ratios of other treatments. While complications and pain are higher in gastric bypass, Duodenal Switch and gastric band treatments, these complications are rarer in gastric sleeve treatments.

What Weight Loss Surgery Works The Fastest?

Gastric bypass is the fastest weight loss method. Gastric bypass treatment includes the changes made in the stomach of the patients, as well as connecting the small intestine to the shrinking stomach by bypassing it. Thus, patients remove calories from the foods they eat together with gastric bypass treatment. This of course results in a faster weight loss. Patients will have visibly lost weight even 1 month after treatment.

What is The Most Popular Bariatric Surgery?

The most popular bariatric surgical treatments preferred by the patients are gastric bypass and gastric sleeve treatment. Especially in Turkey obesity centers, there is often no gastric band treatment. Because the complication rate is quite high, doctors do not treat gastric bands. In addition, duodenal Switch therapy is a very rarely preferred treatment. If you are also planning to have bariatric surgery, you can choose between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve.

Which Weight-Loss Surgery Is Best?

As mentioned above, there are 4 different weight loss surgeries. Among these treatments, the best treatment will vary according to the patients. While some patients are more suitable for gastric bypass treatment, some patients may be more suitable for gastric sleeve or other treatments. In such cases, the patient can learn the best treatment for themselves after providing the necessary health information by sending us a message.

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