Players are often faced with moral dilemmas and choices in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can significantly impact the game’s outcome. One such decision revolves around a dying Mind Flayer, a creature known for its psychic abilities and malevolent nature. Should you help it or end its suffering? This guide will explore the options, consequences, and best choices to make when encountering the Mind Flayer in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Location of the Dying Mind Flayer

The dying Mind Flayer can be found at the Crashed Nautiloid, located at the Ravaged Beach, west of the Overgrown Ruins.

Talking To The Dying Mind Flayer

Kill or Resist the Mind Flayer: What’s The Best Decision?

The Mind Flayer will kill you or any of your characters if you follow a specific dialogue path. The best way to avoid this is to kill the Mind Flayer before interacting. If you’ve already started interacting, avoid the intelligence option to concentrate on its thoughts and choose to close its eyes to kill it immediately.

How To Kill The Mind Flayer

  • Attack Skill: Use an attack skill to end its life.
  • Healing Spells or Items: Ironically, trying to heal the Mind Flayer will cause it to die.

What Happens If You Help The Mind Flyer

No, we DO NOT recommend feeding and helping the Mind Flyer in Baldur’s Gate 3 as it would result in instant death of your character. Following the below listed dialogue path will end up in your character’s death.

  1. Give in to emotion.
  2. [Intelligence] Concentrate on its thoughts.
  3. Submit to the feeling – lean in, as for a kiss…
  4. No, it’s fine. Everything will be fine…

If you any of your party members follow this dialogue path your entire party will end up dead except your main character.

Saving Yourself After Concentration

If you chose to concentrate on the Mind Flayer’s thoughts, there are still options to resist it. Succeeding in an Intelligence Dice Roll and Wisdom Checks will safely lock you out from the character death path.

Intelligence Dice Roll
“Concentrate on its thoughts.”
TypeDifficulty Class
Wisdom Dice Roll 1
“Resist the intrusion with everything you have.”
TypeDifficulty Class
Wisdom Dice Roll 2
“Change your mind. Resist if you still can.”
TypeDifficulty Class

The encounter with the dying Mind Flayer in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a complex and potentially deadly one. The best choice is to resist or kill the Mind Flayer, as helping it can lead to character deaths. By understanding the dialogue options and consequences, players can navigate this encounter with confidence and make the best choice for their playthrough.